Friday, June 11, 2010

Lincoln at 14 months

Lincoln at 14 months:

His eyes have made the transition to mostly brown.

Still takes two naps and sleeps from 8 PM to 8 AM!

Has 10 teeth- 4 upper and lower and his right top and bottom molars.

Loves to walk everywhere, climb everything (stairs, clubhouse ladder, pushes things like little garbage cans over so he can get higher and every time I get him from his crib he is standing on the bumper to get just a little higher!) He loves to run away and laughs like crazy if you come after him. He always has a scrape or bruise on his face from all of his adventures- I've been postponing his 1 year pictures for that reason!

He is very busy and rarely sits down to play with toys. His idea of playing is having something in both hands and something in his mouth and walking around with it.

He loves his blankie and binky. Like- he wants to have them all the time, not just at naps and bedtime.

He's really hard to keep track of in public places- yesterday we went to the library and he was gone so fast- no matter how many times I brought him back. He just wants to explore! He also loves going straight for the street if we're in the front yard. His little ritual is to grab the broom and dustpan from our garage and take them out into the street.

It seems Linc is always sucking on little things he finds around the house- marbles, game pieces, rocks... yesterday I was showing him some roly polies and he put one in his mouth!!!! Yuck! I got it out fast before he could chew it.

He still has an obsession with shoes and will bring them to me to either have me put on, or we'll put them on his feet and he tries to walk around with them on.

In the last couple of days he likes carrying things to the top of the stairs and throwing them down.

This boy can eat!!! Some meals he eats more than the big boys. But every once in a while he won't eat anything I put in front of him, even though he seems hungry. He still won't eat bread or sandwiches, so we have to get creative for lunch. His favorite foods include string cheese, yogurt, cold cereal, fruit, mac and cheese, cookies and jellybeans. I see everyone giving him jelly beans all the time. Wonder how many he eats a day?

He loves to clean out the cupboards while I'm cooking or getting ready in the morning. And he loves to unroll the toilet paper.

He just learned to fake laugh. We were driving and he was making some big noise so I turned around and he had this huge, wide, open mouth smile with a fake chortle to match. He just wants to join in on the fun.

He loves to dance to music.

The only thing he says besides "Ma Ma" and "Da Da" is "Uh-Oh" and that has just been in the past few days. It's the cutest thing ever! He does know the signs for "milk" and "more". He definitely has his own little language of grunts, whispers, screams, clicks and lisp sounds though.

His hair is turning light (what I wouldn't do to have golden brown hair!) from the summer sun and his little arms are so dark! He's got his Daddy's skin for sure!

He's been loving splash parks. He laughs, screeches and claps and follows the big kids around. He loves to get wet!

He is at such a fun age! We love his little round belly and wispy baby hair. It's sad to see him growing into his skin and his little fat rolls disappearing. He's still so little compared to the big boys- but he's growing so fast! We love our Little Linc!
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