Friday, August 31, 2012


 We had such a fun, busy summer----> hardly any time for my favorite blog!
I am excited to recap the fun things we did, even if it's a few months later. 

I always love the change into fall though- who doesn't?
The cooler nights, the winds that seem a little less HOT.
And I've finally put on something other than shorts- I've missed you colored denim!
I've got to fit into them while I can...

Excited for a relaxing holiday weekend, starting now. 

Adam and the boys swimming at the condo.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Things I don't want to forget about today:

*picnicking with all the neighbor moms at the back-to-school brunch
*watching Linc run around with all the toddlers his age since the big kids are back at school
*sitting under the fan for a good ten minutes with Linc to cool off after being outside for a couple hours
*helping Ollie with his first day of 1st grade homework- he was giddy!
*Ollie reading out loud to me- again he was so happy and proud and smart
*talking with the boys about the baby (who is definitely showing in my belly now!)
*telling them how I went running {s.l.o.w.l.y.} this morning because it's good for me and the baby
then all of us laughing at the thought of a tiny baby in my belly 
with a headband running on a treadmill and stretching
*listening to the boys' stories from school

*hearing the following dialogue:
Ollie- "I sat by Tadeo at lunch!"
Elliott- "I used to have a Mateo in my class."
Linc pipes right in like he always does- "Addie has a potato at her house!"

*cooking zucchini and yellow squash from my garden, corn and tomatoes from my mom's for dinner
*hearing about Adam's day- even if it was stressful for him
*coming home from visiting teaching to the boys already bathed and in jammies
*making strawberry shakes and eating them on the porch in the warm summer night
*laying on the grass in the warm breeze watching the clouds cover and uncover the moon
*Elliott bringing out a blanket and pillows for everyone to be more comfy 
(until the mosquitoes came out and we had to book it inside)
*clipping all the boys' finger and toenails- not my favorite job- but I love when they are trimmed!
*Ollie reading one of his favorite books to us at bedtime- "I Stink" about a garbage truck
*Elliott reading a pile of books to his little brothers (I am one proud mom!)
*Linc saying the parts he knew to his favorite books
*putting a bandaid on Ollie's toe after he kicked something and skinned it
*consoling a howling/crying Linc after a certain brother "accidentally" threw a car at his leg
*kissing my boys goodnight (they smell so good after a bath)

I feel like one lucky momma to have these boys in my life!

My heart is so full of love.

Friday, August 24, 2012

school days

 I have no idea where the summer went.
It was gone so fast!
But we are now back into the school routine as of a couple days ago.
We had our back to school dinner- the boys chose bread bowls and soup, with sparkling apple cider and Adam's crepes for dessert.

We decided on the theme this year to help the boys have a good attitude about things:

"I'm the one that writes my own story.
I decide the person I'll be."

Once again- thank you "My Turn on Earth" record from my childhood. 

It's simple and we've talked about it a lot already.

We also made a list of school rules to help them along the way.

 I guess bread bowls aren't sold until the fall, so we had to settle with giant rolls.
 Adam gave blessings to the boys to give them comfort and confidence through the school year. 
I might have gotten one too :)
Ollie has gotten so tall and slim during the summer.
 I can't believe Linc's long arms and legs.
He's getting too big!
And Elliott just seems way too big and old. 
My babies are growing up.
 banana-strawberry-nutella crepes

 Oliver is 6 years old and starting 1st Grade.
Our school is starting a Chinese Immersion program, where he learns Chinese half day and English the other half. We are excited and nervous about this, but have heard lots of good things. And he has already learned a lot in two days! He can sing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes," and can count to three. He can say "stand up" and "sit down" too. And random moments in the evenings he'll say, "This is how you say this," and tell me a new word. None of which I can remember. But he can!
He was sooo excited for school to start and to see his friends and eat lunch at the school.
His teachers are Mrs. Helms (English) and Mrs. Ackerson (Chinese)
He was more than happy to take his brother's backpack hand me down.
(He always has been- I'm waiting for that to change someday.)

Elliott was looking forward to school this year too.
He didn't want summer to end, but hasn't resisted school like in the past.
Our little neighbor Shawn is in his class and our carpool this year which makes going less daunting. 
He has an awesome and nice 3rd grade teacher- Mrs. Fulwider.
Plus half of his class is the same as last year, and most of the others he has known from previous years. I really think that makes things easier for him. 
He is excited to learn cursive and is nervous about learning harder math, but LOVES to read. 
He is one good kid and just wants to follow the rules and be silly with his friends.
I remember third grade like it was yesterday

Lincoln thought he was going to school this day too.
We have a few "manners lessons" to learn for a few weeks before he starts 3-year-old preschool in our neighborhood. Let's just say he's picked up on a lot of the not-so-pleasant habits of older brothers and their friends. Some mommy alone time will be good for him this year. 

Elliott & Mrs. Fulwider
Looking so big in the line to go in. 
Apparently he is the only boy on the later track???
I didn't get a pic of Ollie's teachers yet since the first day was so crazy.
But I snuck my head in his class right after the bell rang and he was already working hard. 

We are excited for another school year and can't wait to see them learn and grow!

Monday, August 13, 2012

the ranch

More pics from the farm. We are having lots of fun and do I even need to say the boys are in H.E.A.V.E.N? it almost makes me wish we had a big piece of land to farm... until I see how much work it is everyday. And I keep losing the kids in this huge house- so funny.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


We are staying in a giant ranch house on a farm in a tiny town with Adam's family for a few days. Yesterday we did a little 4-wheeling with Tanner and Megs. My favorite is going through the streams that cross our path. I think a horse ride is up for tomorrow??
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