Wednesday, August 31, 2011

air force museum

 The boys were lucky enough to go with Grandpa Steve 
to the Air Force museum just before school started.  
They've been obsessed with it since he took them last year.
They even got to go to chuck-a-rama afterwards.
They had a blast!
(All photos sent with Steve's phone.)

big bellies

Ollie and Dawson were walking around all day with balls stuffed in their shirts.
They kept purposely bumping into things and bouncing off the walls and tables.
They kept saying- "Look at our pregnant bellies!"

I wonder if they think that's what pregnant women do all day?

street party

Barbara, Jen, Rach, Sini, Lincoln
Our street has a little dinner at the end of every summer.
This year, our good friends the Woods (who moved from our street a year ago) were in town from PA.
It was so good to see them and hang out with the neighbors.
Elliott, Ollie, Bryce, Benny, Brady
The Woods boys are close to my boys age so they were excited to play with them again! 
Brady and Benny were good buds too and in the same grade, so Benny came over to see him.
(They were watching all the bugs get zapped on the bug light- such boys.)

Adam misses having Jason on our street so much. 
A match made in heaven. 
Good thing they text and email still...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oliver the kindergartner

 I think Ollie was born a kindergartner. He's just always seemed ready for it. He was born at 9 lbs 12 oz and the doc and nurses joked that they should send him straight to school. He's been talking in complete sentences and telling us jokes since before he was two. He remembers big words and likes to work them into his conversations whether he knows what they mean or not. He's been dressing himself since I can remember. He is still a bit of a homebody- prefers playing at our house rather than anyone else's, but was so excited to go to kindergarten today. This was our photo shoot- in true Ollie fashion. "Take one like this mom. Now like this." he said.

 We got to the school super early for afternoon kindergarten. He just couldn't wait any longer! I thought they could play on the playground until class started, but since this is a brand new school- they still don't have them ready! No grass in the fields either. I don't know where they will play? Hopefully they'll get it done soon.
 Hudson and Dawson were also in Ollie's preschool class last year. He's sooo excited to be with them!
 With Mrs. Baird who seems great!
 the boys checking out their new school grounds

 Goodbye sweet Ollie! I love you! No tears from either of us... like I said... he was ready. :)
P.S. The tears always come when I do the posts. In my true fashion.

fall soccer

 Ollie started fall soccer last weekend.
He's beyond excited.
It makes me so happy to see him really happy about something he loves.
I love going to watch and taking pictures of him in action.

P.S. Aren't soccer uniforms so cute?
P.P.S. There always has to be a kid picking their nose in a pic no?
Ollie and his buddy Dawson stretching
chatting with his friend Clara

Taking a break by Coach Waite who is great with the kids!

It was over 90 degrees on Saturday, but these guys stuck it out. They were hot!
Linc contemplating running into the street...

Ollie scored two goals!! Hooray!
Going to give the other team high fives after the game.
 Gooooo Thundercats!

preschool graduate

I never posted this because it was just before our trip to Finland. 
I thought of it today since it was his first day of kindergarten...

Ollie graduated preschool! He was so lucky to have lots of 
neighbor friends in his class, and our neighbor Jodi as his teacher! 

Miss Jodi was sooo good to Ollie. He loved her. 

With his buddies- Dawson and Gentry.

I loved that I got to walk a few doors down the street to drop him off at school. 
I'll always remember going to pick him up and the class 
was playing red light, green light on Miss Jodi's driveway. 
I loved holding his hand on the walk home while he jumped 
and bounced like 5 year olds do, while he told me about his day. 
When we got home- he loved pulling things out of his backpack one by one to show me.
He loved preschool!
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