Saturday, May 29, 2010

oliver video

Yippee! I finally uploaded a video (my first one ever!) I put this on because Ollie got his first short haircut for the summer. This is before the cut and it is so Oliver. Maybe someday I'll post the pictures of his cute little hair now. It's hard to recognize him- but I love it! Still feverishly working on cleaning my iphoto out so I can upload pics...

and here's a little diddy from the cruise-

Adam, Rich and Luke sing "Puff the Magic Dragon"

Saturday, May 22, 2010

not that but this

{Linc and E in February.}

The other night, Elliott's tooth fell out. At least that's what I heard when I got home from an errand. I was amazed that he let Adam pull it out- he won't let me near it. (And I've wanted to pull it out for the last 3 months that it's been dangling out of his mouth and you could see the new one coming in behind it... but I refrained. Oh man that was hard!) Adam left the room and as I was talking to the boys in their beds Elliott told me that Adam had to wrestle and pull it three times to get it out! Funny that Adam didn't mention any of that! But he was happy it was out.

Next we needed to find the gold coins the tooth fairy has been giving out, and this time Adam told E the tooth fairy was paying triple. So he asked where the coins were, and I don't remember putting them anywhere- so he must have right? We searched everywhere- and I got a nice little talk about not losing things and Adam got a nice little talk about keeping track of 5 people's stuff and that maybe he could be in charge of it. So anyway, the only place we hadn't looked was a little drawer and I knew they had to be there. I came back to Adam and said, "I didn't find that, but this!" It was some oil he had ordered in the mail for one of his electronic things and had been expecting (and asking) about it for days. I told him it hadn't come yet, but that it seems like I dreamed about it or something. Yeah. It had come, and why it was in the drawer I have no idea. Two more times this has happened in the last few days. I tried to find a book of Adam's great grandma in our storage room and instead came back with a sack of clothes that were supposed to be Linc's Christmas presents! Woops! Not that but this! And then I went to get some mac and cheese in our food storage per the boys' request and i found one of Linc's milk filled sippy cups that had been turned chunky. Gross. There's always a surprise in our house. Hmmm- what else can I find???

Here are some other observations from the weekend:

At E's soccer game the other team's coach was wearing a shirt that said, "Raider Hater" and the people sitting next to us (who's kid was on their team) had a huge Raider's blanket over them. Funny.

Also, another family had the same blue plaid blanket that we had- which isn't anything special, except for the way I ended up with this certain one. Once or twice I went on a date with a boy. I drove to his house in the winter and my heater was broken, so on the way home- he gave me his blanket from his bed. You know the old trick- give them something so you have to keep in touch in order to get it back? Well- we didn't keep in touch. A couple of years later- my sister said it was rude of me to keep it and that I should still take it back- but I didn't. So now I have this awesome picnic blanket that I always keep in my car. And I use it at all of the freezing cold soccer games. I wonder where the other family got theirs?

After the game- the coach came and talked to Elliott and told him what a good job he did. "Your best game ever!" he said. He almost made a goal a few times- which is way different than the "hanging-in-the-back-of-the-pack-never-touching-the-ball" attitude we usually see every week. (In his defense- he's got some very good 6 year old players on his team.) The coach looked at us for an explanation and I wanted to tell him that we practiced every day for hours and he finally understands the game- but I blurted out the truth, "We promised him that if he kicked the ball at least 5 times he could pick something out at the dollar store." I know- motivation comes in many forms- thank goodness for that dollar store though right? And he kicked it way more than 5 times. And he said it was the most fun he's had in a game. And I'm glad he felt how fun it could be. The dollar was money well spent.

As we were walking into the dollar store- a preteen girl walked in front of us and I had to look twice because tucked into her jacket so you couldn't see the top, but sticking out of the bottom of her jacket about a foot past her bum was a huge, fuzzy nest of hair. It was gross. And sad. Who lets their kid have hair like that? It seems so.... impractical.... and.... in the way. But whatever. I'm sure people think Ollie's hair could use a trim all the time. Speaking of, he might get a little cut for the summer. Although tonight in the bath I realized that his bangs make great sunscreen! His cheeks are all tan and his forehead is super white! I guess we'll see.

Adam got to coach Ollie's team today and only 4 boys showed up. The other team also had 4, but they seemed a head taller. So we got killed. It was funny to see Adam out there. After he was telling me the little boys were telling him stories the whole time, stomping on his toes, holding his hand and not really paying attention. That's 4-year-old soccer for ya. Ollie is really into soccer though- he's fun to watch.

Oh! I've been craving chips and salsa like crazy these days! Nope- I'm not pregnant, but it seems like I get in these moods and then I don't eat it for months and back and forth. Our friends invited us to the Red Iguana the other night and it was oh so tasty! Their fish taco was divine! So maybe that kick started it again, and I've been loving Herdez salsa. But last week I found some pico de gallo in the grocery store in a little fridge section. The brand is Rico and it is so good! We went through two in a week! I need to grow my own veggies so I can make my own this summer!! Rico also makes a good "ceviche" which is like salsa but has seafood in it. I tried this for the first time in Honduras- so good! So I got some and I love it- am I really eating shrimp? This is big!!

And since the bacteria was found in our water and the majority of the city has gotten sick from it, they have been chlorinating the water- big time. My dishes have never been cleaner it seems, but I can't bring myself to drink it yet. Word on the street is that it has the same amount of chlorine as a swimming pool...yikes! How is that healthy? I guess they haven't found how the contaminant got in our water yet, so they can't fix it yet. I wonder how long this will last?

We stopped by a crappy yard sale and came out with a cool old school light up santa and a tiny chord organ in a box for $7. And a toy metal gun for E and a tiny motorcycle for Ollie. So I guess it was a success. But where are all the cool garage sales with amazing stuff? How come I never come upon those?

And tonight Adam was supposed to play with his band so me and the boys had movie night and watched Pinocchio. When the blue fairy came out- Elliott said, "Look how pretty she is Mommy. Don't you wish you were that pretty? And sparkly?" Funny boy. Crazy weekend. And we still have a day to go!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mother and child

I just read a beautiful post on motherhood and childhood on my friend, Tammy's blog. I hope you go there to read it. She is an amazing person!

P.S. I'm not promising there won't be tears.

chocolate covered raspberries

I got this lovely idea from V Chocolates. I had a huge basket of raspberries from Costco so I decided to see if I could make them myself. First you need tiny cupcake papers. Then, just melt some good milk chocolate chips (I like ghirardelli,) and while the chocolate is still warm, drop in some raspberries. Then drizzle with white chocolate (melted chips) and put into the fridge until ready to serve. I'm usually not a huge raspberry fan, but these flavors together are delicious!

Monday, May 17, 2010

the lake at daybreak- july '09

We visited the lake at Daybreak a couple of times last summer. The boys loved climbing on the rocks, sitting on the piers and playing in the sand. I just think the whole community is such a great idea- they have so many fun things to do!

My friend Lindsay lives there now so it's close enough to ride her beach cruiser. I love this picture of you Linds!
Ollie's self portrait.
Last year we couldn't stay for too long for lack of bathrooms- but this year- oh- we might just stay all day! I'm not sure how the people who live at Daybreak feel about all their visitors though... :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010


The beautiful Swalberg Family- minus Amy, Cody and Me.
We are so lucky to live close to both of our parents. My boys love to visit both grandparents and their huge yards, but have been especially loving Adam's parent's new backyard. They beg to go over. Okay- it might have to do with the amazing playset they have in their yard, the waterfall and river and the toyroom stocked full of vintage toys from when Adam and his sisters were little and tons of new toys. It's like Disneyland over there. For us adults too. I could stare out at the surrounding fields and mountains all day- and when it gets too dark for that- there's always the theater room... But mostly I just like to visit and see what's happening in everyone's lives. I love my families!
Megs and Ollie making s'mores.

Checking out the waterfall.
And who wouldn't love getting spoiled and playing games with aunties, uncles and grandparents? (Thanks guys- you are so good to my boys!)

*All pictures in this post from August 2009.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tibble Fork- July '09

Ollie hanging out with a ground squirrel.

I missed when the playgroup went to Tibble Fork, but I still had the canyon pass for 2 more days, so I talked Linds into going back with me (2 days after she already went!) She's such a great sister!

It was such a beautiful lake but oh so cold! The boys waded in this for hours and I think just became numb to it. But they loved it.
Sweet little Addie. If she isn't the cutest little thing.

I'm glad Ollie has cousins that look like him...

I love these action shots of skipping rocks!

Monday, May 3, 2010

the accidental creekbed- July '09

We were running late to a play group last summer because of a doctor's appointment. It was in AF Canyon, but I didn't have the exact directions, so we drove around for a bit and when we couldn't find anyone we knew, we stopped and ate our lunch by the river. I was nervous to hold the baby and watch two big boys playing by the river by myself, so I talked the boys into stopping at a smaller stream just outside the canyon in Highland. I had seen some kids playing out there on our way up. It was a hot July day and the river was so cold- it felt good to put our feet in. We slathered on the sunblock and played for a while. The boys loved this place. I hope we make it again this year!

I think this picture is so funny because I have a Kneader's mint brownie piece stuck on my face from lunch. (I LOVE those things.)
Linc even got his toes wet for a second.

Love my summer play group- can't wait for it to start again in 4 weeks!

Disneyland- July '09

We took an early flight to California and got there early since we were flying back in time zones. It was nice to have that whole day to do stuff too- not just a traveling day. We dropped our luggage at the hotel, had some lunch and headed straight to Disneyland, which was about a mile away.

Adam and Ollie with Steve and Karen in the background.

It was nice having extra hands help out with little Linc! He went on most of the rides with us.

Elliott and Grandpa

I just love his determined face. So serious. He loves this ride which is ironic because he hates riding in cars unless Adam and I are driving and doesn't love going on the freeway... I guess he feels in control on this ride?

I dream of Disneyland treats!! The chocolate covered mickey ears are a must! And the pineapple ice cream and pineapple floats are sooo good! And let's not forget the frozen apple juice and churros... the food isn't my favorite- but I could eat the treats all day!
Elliott was so determined to get this out! Not this time buddy...

Elliott in the grandparent sandwich- he was in heaven!

The Jungle River Cruise

Mr. Oliver

Cooling off the baby. It was such a hot July day!!
Steve's turkey leg. Just what I want on a blistering day at the park...
Thank goodness for the water park in California Adventure!! We let the boys get soaked. It was such a hot week and crowded- so we spent a lot of time sweating while waiting in line.

Bug's Life

Little Linc was such a good sleeper up to this point. Before we left home he was sleeping long stretches at night and lots of naps. With the long days, no crib during the day while we were at the park and late nights, things changed fast. He couldn't fall asleep in the stroller no matter how tired he was. If I held him, he could fall asleep, but when I put him in the stroller he would wake up. After this trip, he was still good at taking naps in his crib, but his night routine was all crazy and he woke up a lot at night. Oh well. I'm still glad we went.

I love this toy story display- it's the coolest! It shows how animation works.

Can you just see how hot their little cheeks are? Did I mention it was hot?

I love this picture! Linc is still just a little ball of a baby- so cute!

The boys had fun playing in this tree at breakfast. California has the coolest trees and plants.

The shortless duo. Not even the hot weather could get these guys to wear shorts.

The plane ride home. I know this is the row you want to sit in front of right? Haha! It was a fun, long trip. I love making the memories with my boysies! (I will think twice about going to DL in July though....) :)
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