Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Franky- 11 months

 Little Franky is getting so big!
At 11 months he is so much fun!
He loves to stand up and cruise across the furniture.
Lately he has been showing us he can stand up without holding onto anything- he is very proud of this!
He always has a bruise or two on his forehead from all his standing/cruising adventures. 
He is happy, happy, happy!
He smiles at everyone and will crawl right up to people, look them in the eye and give them a big smile. 
A little charmer.
He especially loves kids and thinks they're all his best friends. 
He waves hi, says "Hi" and blows kisses when he feels like it... even makes the sound, "Mwah."
He has eight pearly whites.
He is sleeping so much better at night lately- nice for both of us!
He usually wakes up around 5AM to eat and then goes back to sleep.
He loves to wrestle and play with mommy- and he's my little helper, following me around all day long, or giving me big smiles when he catches my eye from across the room. 

sweetest pose ever!

kisses from and to Ollie

fast crawler


Snow hiking on Daddy's back.

Ice skating with Dad.


Linc LOVES to play with Franky, whether he likes it or not...

First time at Disneyland- he loved the snacks more than the rides.

Mad standing skills.

Playing with Cousin Stella at the beach.

Ate a couple handfulls of sand!

This was right after the second and last bite of sand- hahaha!
Crescent Bay Beach

We love our 11-month-old Franky boy! 
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