Saturday, April 11, 2015

ollie's basketball

Ollie's basketball season went great! He had a fun team and had lots of playing time. 
My favorite memory of the season is when he played the Aspen Hills team- the neighborhood right next to us that also goes to his school. All the kids on that team were in his class and their coach (our old neighbor) told me afterwards that he asked who wanted to guard who, and they all wanted to guard Ollie! He said they had to talk about it for a sec because they all wanted to guard their buddy. In the end, it was on of his best buds, Parker. 

We were out of town for picture day, so I made them gather on the last day for this. 
His coach was a great guy and also has four boys. Once I met his wife helping in Elliott's class party at the school, and told her he was awesome to volunteer to coach, and that Adam was much too busy to ever coach, after all, he is the young men's president. Later, I realized that he is the young men's president in the 5th ward!!! Some people are just awesome. 

this and that (winter edition)

These are random pictures of our every day life. 
Franky loves his blankies!

Piano practice! The boys started 6 months ago and have learned so much. They never want to practice, but I just keep telling them we can do hard things!
I think Ollie took this. 
My favorite thing during the winter is to watch the sunsets out my windows while I make dinner. Last night's was spectacular! The mountain and valley change colors along with the clouds, so it's best to look out every few minutes. We live in a beautiful world!

The full moon from my back porch and zoom lens.

Wrestle zone EVERY night. 

We love having Dawson come over for a few minutes every morning before school while his mom goes to work. I thought I should document this fun morning time so we can remember it!
We are rarely ready early for school, but this morning, Elliott got a few minutes of reading in. He just finished the "Among the Hidden" series- 7 books!

 Ollie is always snapping pictures with my camera. :)

 This year we get to go to church at 1:00 PM, so the boys stay in their pi's all morning. Once I found them all on the stairs like this. 

 One morning after the gym, this crazy pink light was coming through the blinds. I looked out to find this beautiful sky!

 Two mornings a week I watch my nephew, Grayson while his mom, Christie teaches preschool. Franky goes to their house one morning a week while I help in Linc's kindergarten class. Franky likes having a friend and has learned to share a little better this year. Gray is a few months younger, but is just as tall. They stick together and do the funniest things. 

 We also got to watch Gray and Gabby overnight while their parents helped with their ward youth conference. They are good little people!

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