Friday, May 29, 2015

disneyland 2015

We love tagging along with Adam on his January convention trips to California. 
Elliott took this when we were landing in Long Beach. 

This was Franky's last free flight, and as a lap-sitter, just before he turned two. It's always sad when that ends. I forgot to bring a birth certificate, so at the ticket counter I had to get the pediatrician's office to fax proof he was under two. Oops. 

We love getting off the planes at Long Beach because you get to go right out on the tarmac and feel extra cool. This plane had a front and back exit, so it was kind of fun. 
Checking in at the hotel, and these guys always love sitting in the little rockers while they watch vintage Mickey cartoons. 
I packed a case of water in our suitcase, since we weren't getting a car this time and had no store access. We filled them with drinking fountains in the park and went through all of them. Adam had a fancy dinner to go to, and I stayed back at the hotel to put the kids to bed. 
Adam had meetings all day Thursday, so it was me and the boys! I was determined not to lose anyone like last year... ahem. We had early entry into California Adventure through our hotel, so we were up bright and early and of course went to Toy Story and the Cars Ride first. 

This is the line I was in when the couple with one kid behind me finally asked, "Excuse me, but are you here with four boys... by YOURSELF????" Haha. Good thing they are good boys and don't wander too far. Man I love these guys so much!

Elliott stayed out with Franky while we went on the Cars Ride. E-man doesn't love fast crazy rides just yet, but he'll get there. 
Best rocker hair award goes to...
Baby rides for Franky, and the big boys were nice to come. 
Caterpillar ride, that is seriously ten seconds long. 
Lady bug ride. 

Bug's life movie. 
We went back to the hotel for a catered lunch with Adam. We all had to wear our name tags to get in. Cutest boys! 

After lunch nap time. Disneyland is always stroller nap time for our babies. We never go back to the hotel to rest. 

We saw Oswald on the way in, and he kept stealing Linc's hat. Silly guy. 

Megs came back with us after lunch, since she lives there and has a season pass. 
Cute Stella! And Megs was due in a few weeks with Winnie. 
Cute cousins. 

Adam came in at about 6pm after his meetings. He is a fun teacup rider. :)

Franky loves the teacups! He didn't love lots of the rides, but I'm sure next year he will. 

We met Adam's parents and Tanner for dinner at our favorite- Napoli's for pizza. 

Rockets were a hit this year!
Elliott went on this ride lots of times by himself, while others were on roller coasters. 
Stella was okay to go on some rides with me while Megs stayed with a sleeping Franky. 
Jungle river cruise. 
We take lots of snack breaks, since Disneyland has the best! Here, Franky stole my Mickey Ears and would not give it back, even though I got him something easier to eat...

Melting my heart. Franky didn't think his pack-n-play was cool that first night, so this is how Adam put him to sleep. :)
Our rooms are the coolest with three extra beds in addition to ours. 
The beautiful yard of the Grand Californian Hotel. We always go in the dead of winter, so it seems unreal. 

Character breakfast. Franky was scared/happy/excited to see this guy. 

My favorite travel buddies. Anywhere with them is my happy place. 

We had an afternoon flight out, so we explored Downtown Disney until our shuttle came. 

Lego store. 

Fun California trip! My boys have never been to Lagoon, but we go to Disneyland, so there's no need right? Haha. 
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