Thursday, January 22, 2015

snowshoeing at tibblefork

The day after Christmas we went snowshoeing at Tibblefork in American Fork Canyon.
It was sooo cold. But once we got moving we were fine. 
The boys did pretty good on the way out, but Franky wanted me to hold him in my arms on the way back. Beautiful day!
Franky was BUNDLED to the max.
Pretty frozen snowflake crystals.
Uncle Tanner and Stella came with us too!

Elliott, Adam, Franky, Sini, Ollie and Linc

Elliott tested the ice and fell in!!!!! Only up to his ankles, but I wasn't happy about it! I was helping Franky get situated and didn't realize he was doing it. I had to stop him from breaking through some more ice after this! 
Sweet Franky boy.
We threw ice chunks and snowballs on the ice in the middle of the lake and it made the coolest sound! You'll have to try it for yourself someday!

Tanner and Baby Stella
Adam and Baby Frank

Elliott was thinking about his favorite Lego set at home that day I think, he wasn't his usual happy hiking self. I get it. This was my happy place though. I guess that's what families are about right? Compromise.
It was fun hiking right through the low river with our snowshoes, but Linc found his own way across.

Ollie was sure to point out all this pretty snow art. 


Elliott- waiting for us to make our way back- haha.
Ollie was the superstar that day- great attitude all day! 
Cute Stella!
We had Ollie snap this picture of us. Love my guy and that he likes to adventure with me!
It was a beautiful drive through the canyon!
Franky was worn out and looked so cute in snow bibs and boots!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

Merry Christmas! 
The boys woke up around 7:30 and tried to wake us up. 
I was trying to buy time to let Franky wake up since we had a late night before.
Elliott solved that problem and woke him up! So he wasn't very happy in these pics and wasn't really happy until he found some treats in his stocking... and everyone else's.
They look cute in their new Christmas pj's though.
Elliott has moved on from the cute stripes now- big guy.

Cute Daddy with his boys.
Franky is such a sweet, easy-going baby, but when he wakes up, he just wants to watch the world from momma's lap, until he's ready to go.

So cute discovering his stocking!

Finally with a treat in his mouth, I got a better pic.

These are the (used) snowboards I got at the yardsale/trade thing in Midway for a great deal.

Elliott was so excited to put together this train set for Franky the night before on our old train table. He had been planning it for weeks. Santa's little helper.

Elliott's prize card from his Pokeman pack.
Traditional hootenanny breakfast.

The funny thing is Linc is playing Adam's old-school Nintendo right after opening presents- I guess he wasn't that impressed with his gifts?

The boys love to go through their favorite few Pokemans and tell me all about them. 
Over and over. 

We went to bed Christmas Eve with no snow on the ground, and woke up to a world of white! Perfect!

Elliott took residence on the table for a week to build his three-thousand piece Lego structure.
We met everyone at Grammy and Grandpa's that night.

Grammy had found this package of vintage Japanese Pokeman cards Adam sent home from his mission. She asked him back then to send them for a kid in their ward, and didn't end up giving them to him. Somehow they made it through the move and Grammy gave them to the boys! They were in heaven!

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