Wednesday, June 18, 2014


It is so fun to see these little boys of mine start exploring their world and finding hobbies. Linc was always excited to play soccer and just knew he would like it. This was his first season and when it was time for practice he always asked why he needed to practice, he was already good. He liked the games the best. He seemed so serious and into the game already. Of course he has lots to learn, but it was so cute watching him fight for the ball and kick with determination. I am so in love with these little action shots of him with his game face on. I love this little guy!

Grandpa Steve and Franky watching Linc's game.

Linc's cheering squad!

 Gooo Linc!
 Keeping baby busy and off the field!
Franky thought he was part of the team. 
 Carrying Franky off the field. Always wants to help with his little brother. 

Cutest little soccer team!

Ollie was so fun to watch this year! He has moved to the big field now, so they are doing some major running. They are awesome! His team has lots friends from school and our ward on it. He loves playing forward and shooting goals. He isn't afraid to get to the ball. He loves practices and games. He loves soccer! Here are Ollie's action shots. I think I only took the camera to two games. 

Franky and Cousin Benny on the sidelines. 

Making a penalty shot! Woo!

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