Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Franky- 15 months

 Franky boy is 15 months.
He is starting to say more words now- his favorites are:
Nana (banana)
HOT! (more like Hah-D) Says this when we wash his hands and face after he's eaten, even if it's cold and any time he is served warm food. 
Uh-oh! He learned this after his cousin Stella stayed with us for a week and she said it all the time.
Ma ma ma ma or sometimes it sounds like Ma'am. 
Da da.
Ah-EE (Ollie) 
He can sign- "All done" and "some more" since those are the only signs I've taught him. 

He loves to empty kleenex boxes and toilet paper rolls.
He loves to eat!
Anything his brothers are snacking on- he wants a taste.
Every time I get a drink of water- he wants some from my cup, even if he is holding his sippy.
He slides down the stairs so fast on his belly.
And he is so intent on getting out of diaper changes- rolling upside down and back and forth while crying. Then once I stand him back up- he's a new happy man.
He walks around and around at church, never sitting down, and only hanging out on our row for a few minutes at a time.
He loves to make eye contact with everyone- babies, kids and adults and then give them a big smile. Needless to say, everyone loves our friendly Franky.
He loves to give his toys to other kids.
And likes to see what they are playing with too.
He is such a fun baby.
I love this age!

 He is used to a lot of boys at our house all the time!
 He likes to feed himself and we have plenty of messes everyday. 
When he's done, if I don't take him out in time, he starts dropping food off both side of his tray, or turns his sippies upside down to make puddles and splash. 

 He will sit in his crib and hum after he wakes up, and then he'll let you know when to come and get him by giving little calls. This is his typical pose when he's ready for bed, or just after he wakes up. He sure loves his blankie and binkie. 

 He loves bath time so much! I have to hide the hair rinsing cup or he drinks bathwater from it the whole time. 

 He is a stair pro. He likes to go down on his belly, fast, fast, fast!
And when I say it's time for bed or nap- he'll head to the stairs all by himself and start climbing up to his room.

 He loves playing in the dirt, and has only eaten it once...
He loved to smell our tulips, and then pull off the petals. 

 At the Ogden train museum. He loves going places and smiling at everyone. 

He loved "swimming" in the dirt in St. George. 

After church, ready for lunch and a nap, not a picture.

 He climbs the little ladder to jump with his brothers all the time now.
He mostly just walks really fast around and around, but jumping will come. 

 Easter Sunday with the boys.

 He loves to play with cars and make car sounds.
And he is finally over his fear of the garbage truck and watches with interest now instead of screaming to get inside and away from it. 

Licking beaters with Grandma.

Sharing Grandpa's dessert after he finished his own. 

We love this little man so much.
Even when he's blurry in pictures because he's always on the go.
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