Friday, May 29, 2009

'Tis the season...

...for bandaids!

Along with the warm shorts weather and outside fun, come the scrapes and bruises. Elliott and Ollie both have lots- we're going through bandaids like crazy! I think we counted 12 separate "owies" on Ollie from head to toe. No wonder I'm having a hard time feeling sympathetic. It's a consoling job for me every minute it seems like! My new saying is "Jump up, you're okay!" :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sweet Deal

After E's little fieldtrip to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point, we stopped by the ice cream shop (next to the water tower.) When the waitress told me how much I owed ($.50) I had to ask her again! Turns out these little cones are $.25 each and 3 yrs and under get them free! We'll be going back for sure.
E's class... with a few extra siblings. Can you spot the rowdy bunch?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mommy's Right Hand Man

It really is SO nice to have a little helper with the baby. Elliott is always willing to hold him for a few minutes if I need him too. Lincoln always looks like a little doll when he holds him- so cute! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 loves tuesday

Two loves of mine are....
melty ice cream (preferably rocky road)
and a clean kitchen sink.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Robot Nursery

We decided to do Lincoln's room with robots. I got the idea from my neighbor Amy because her little boy Sebastian has the cutest robot room! (I wish I could copy her exactly because his is so great...)
So these are the robot wall stickers. We decided to do robots after I had already bought the bumper pad so it isn't robot-y. I had decided to buy a new bumper since we used the same one with Elliott and Ollie and it was starting to get old. This one was so cute at Pottery Barn and I was ready to fork out $80 for it. But when I was checking out the girl told me it was on clearance for $26! It wasn't marked down on the price tag. I LOVE when that happens!
Elliott's robot drawings are so cute- we put them in frames for the room.

I couldn't find a robot lamp anywhere so we bought this piggy bank at Target and our friend Rich turned it into a lamp for us- cool huh?
Robot Mobile

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Celebration of Mothers

I had such a meaningful Mother's Day weekend and got to spend it with some of the favorite moms in my life (including friends, sisters and sister in-laws too) I have such good examples of moms all around me- I am so blessed! It started Friday night and ended Sunday....
*Had dinner at Kneaders with Eric and Tagen.
*Went to the race for the cure with my friends. 
*Had breakfast and chatted with my friends at Kneaders (Yep- two meals in a row at Kneaders...yummy!)
*Went to pedicures with my mom and Linds and lunch afterwards.
*Sunday morning Adam made me breakfast.
*Received a homemade present from Elliott. (Full story and picture below.)
*We got flowers at church to plant at home.
*Guilt-free 2 hour nap while Adam kept his eye on the boys.
*An amazing rib dinner at the Swalbergs in their new house.
Some pictures from Sunday:

Lincoln just started smiling recently. In fact we just might spend most of his awake time bribing him with our high voices and fake smiles for a little glimpse of it. Usually I'm holding him and can't get to the camera when he starts. So on Sunday, Adam's dad- Steve was holding him in his typical football hold fashion when Lincoln started to smile up at him. So glad the camera was close by this time.
This is the new waterfall in Grammy and Grandpa's yet to be finished backyard. The boys were in heaven throwing rocks in and climbing up and down the hill. They are going to spend so much time there this summer.

Can you believe the view behind their house? This pic doesn't do justice!
Aunt Christie and Baby Lincoln
Grammy always knows how to calm him down.
Megs and Tanner making wedding plans.
This is the bracelet Elliott made for me. It's really cool- but you might have to click and enlarge to see the details. He made it in preschool on Thursday and hid it from me until Mother's Day. Then he asked if I wanted to know where he hid it. I told him he better not tell me or I might peek. So every morning when he woke up he would ask if it was Mother's Day yet. Finally, on Sunday I had to wake him up to get ready for church at 9:00. Finally I could answer that, yes- it was finally today. Then he asked if he had to wait until after church to give it to me. I said it was up to him. So he goes to the pile of stuffed animals at the foot of his bed and pulls out the bracelet and a card. The card had little papers in it where he had to tell his teacher what he thought. Here are his answers:
I love my mom because she is nice
My mom does the best cooks
My favorite thing to do with my mom is play
My mom is as beautiful as a flower
He was very proud when I wore the bracelet to church- and all the young women noticed it. He told me the blue pipe cleaner is supposed to go on top and the collection of metal hooks is supposed to go on the bottom. What a thoughtful boy. 
I love being a mom to my boysies. They are the best!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Walk Really Slow For The Cure

So the plan was to run the Race for the Cure in Salt Lake on Saturday. But what really happened is this: I took the wee man in a huge double stroller. That combined with around 20,000 other participants equal a slow walk. (Oh yeah- and I might still be a little out of shape...) So my friends and I walked and talked until they couldn't take it anymore and left me in the dust. ;) It was so much fun still. 
Rachel, Lindsay, Sini, Linds and Naoma
Baby Lincoln's first race. He slept the whole time until the last 10 minutes, so I crossed the finish line holding him. Fun stuff- wish I had a picture of that.
The starting line of pink balloons. It's hard to see but there were tons of them.
This is how it looked as far as you could see in front of us and behind us. A sea of people and pink. So many people and for such a great cause. 
The girls en route. Love that you're taking a pic too Rach!
My sister, Michelle and my niece, Anikka were there too. This is officially a Mother's Day weekend tradition now that I've done it twice in a row, (unless a certain someone wants to whisk me away on a dream vacation to reward me for my fabulous motherly skills...) 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Teacher

Good thing Baby Lincoln has two great brothers to help teach him everything a little boy needs to know....
Here's Ollie showing Lincoln his latest worm find. The boys show him all of their latest treasures- (usually about 1 inch from his face!)

And here he is helping to burp the baby. He also pats his back while he's eating...

Monday, May 4, 2009


I'll have a burrito. Lincoln style. Smothered in kisses.

Lincoln is a happy boy- while he's eating and for about 10 minutes afterwards. After then it's burrito boy. We wrap him up and put his binky in and then he seems content. {5 weeks}
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