Monday, August 31, 2009

Lincoln Baby

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.
-Author Unknown

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Sad Mama

I love blogging. I'm really excited to make a book of my blog... (someday, when I get to it!) And I love reading other blogs. I can't believe how much I've learned from everyone's experiences and insights, gotten great ideas, cried and laughed out loud. One of my favorite blogs to read is Nie. She is such a strong girl and her life is so whimsical and beautiful- because she makes it that way. I loved one of her ideas about having a back to school feast. I loved every little detail! So I decided to start the tradition with my first little kindergartner:
The night before school started- August 26th, 2009.
Our theme for the year- The Golden Rule ("My Turn On Earth" anyone?)
The guest of honor with his special crown and plate. He requested homemade chicken pot pie for dinner.
The boys were so amazed they got to use these goblets for their sparkling grape juice. There was lots of talk between the two about breaking them, and how not to.
After dinner Adam gave the boys a special father's blessing, mostly to help them feel happy, loved and confident for the coming year.

{Let's not forget the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts requested for dessert!}

It was a fun night. Elliott felt so special and once during the day when I was getting after the boys for bickering- he lectured me on how we were supposed to be honoring him today- not getting mad at him. I love the fact that our family has a theme this year too. It's something to keep coming back to with his experiences at home (which might be the main reasoning for our theme choice), school, church and with friends. We also talked a lot about how he is very blessed to be able to go to school as some don't have the opportunity.

Thanks Nie. Maybe someday we'll meet and I'll thank you in person. ;)

Now- on to the school pictures!

Mr. Elliott Swalberg- {Kindergartner}
Ollie might think he's in kindergarten too...
With his good friend.
So I realize E's hair is slicked to his head.... it got all funky in the night after his bath. I tried my best to make it right but I'm not the greatest hair mom. (Thank goodness I don't have girls to really show for it!) It really did look better after it dried.
They were so funny! Excited, chatty, running and holding hands! They walked/ran this way all the way to school.

With his teacher Miss Gurney. He really likes her.
Giving the backward wave as he walks into class. And things will never be the same with my little buddy in school for the rest of his days. He's the one I took to work with me everyday starting when he was 7 weeks old until he was two and I could stay home. He's the one who follows me everywhere I go- upstairs, downstairs, outside- wherever. He's the tender hearted boy who twirls my hair every night for a bit before he drifts off to dreamland. It will be so fun to see him learn and grow! I did pretty good holding back the tears at school this morning. But now not so much.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Newborn Pics

The babe turns 5 months today! So in lieu of 5 months- I thought I'd post his newborn pictures on the blog. We got them done when he was just 1 week old. Procrastinator? Maybe. Anyway- they turned out so cute! Kate at Peekaboo Photos is like the baby whisperer- amazing to watch her at work. I've been a fan of hers for a long time so Adam gave me this photo session for my birthday. {The best gift ever.}

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adam's 19th Century Merriment

Adam turned 30! So he decided to throw himself a party to remember. And he might have done just that! With a little good fortune and a dash of sheer inspiration, he developed what would be called his 19th century merriment. He required all the party-goers to create costumes and act in character as their favorite 19th century person/genre. Here is what transpired...
Adam before...
and as Joseph Smith.
His wife Emma
Marie Curie and Johnny Appleseed
{Kari and Cam}

Sacajawea and Saloon Girl
(Kira and Janelle)

Mary and Ambrose Burnside (civil war guy)
(The mustache is real!! And his head
is freshly bic't! Cash prize winner.)
(Linds and Brian)

Hunchbacks of Notre Dame
(Christie and Scott)

Southern Belle and Civil War Guy
(Amanda and Richie)

Jack the Ripper and his Sixth Damsel
(Collin and Keri)
Proper Lady and Buffalo Bill
(Ames and Cody)

Bill and Ted (yep- they traveled back in time...)
(Megs and Tanner)

Clark Merriweather and Sacajawea
(Eric and Tagen)

Circus Freaks- Bearded Lady and Strong Man (cash prize winner)
(Val and Ben)

Johnny Appleseed and A Newsie
(Jason and Rach)

Annie (get your gun) Oakley and Prize Fighter
(Abby and Rich)

Emma and Joseph circa 1831- Harmony, PA

The venue- Joseph's Harmony, PA home (Porter's Place).
The dinner- shoat meat and potatoes.
The festivities- "Who lost the 116 pages?" -It ended up being Ted as he left them upon a hearthstone he was mending for Lucy Harris. They caught afire. Prompting several people to ask, "Really Ted, a Hearthstone??? What were you thinking???"
The cake- The Golden Plates of course.

Inside this gold dusted beauty was chocolate cake with raspberry filling- MmmHmm. Thank you Dippidee.
The birthday boy.

The Party Mementos. Personalized frames of each couple. Thanks for the still shots Sherlock Holmes (Austin).

The passersby on Lehi main street got a theatrical performance that night as we left Harmony PA to travel home.

Adam would like to make a comment in closing. Hi everybody this is Adam here!! Whaaz up? Just remember, " Surprise parties are overrated, unless you surprise the @#$% out of em."
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