Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2 months

Franky is already 2 months old. 
This post will surely be full of cliches, but they're all true!
But I knew that. I have learned with my three big boys who were babies just yesterday.
I have treasured every little snuggle, back pat, and sleepy boy on my chest the last two months.
He has been so fun for our whole family.
Isn't it amazing how much love a little baby can bring into the world? 
Everyone who sees Franky gets a big smile and suddenly there are no problems in the world for a minute. He is so special and it feels like we have known him forever. 
So glad he is a part of our family! 
Franky at 2 months:

Awake a lot more.

On the two hour schedule- every two hours he eats, stays awake for the rest of the hour and then sleeps for an hour. Unless we are running errands and he's in his car seat- he will sleep longer. Hoping to get him on the three hour schedule soon.

Has just found his fist and sucks on it if he's bored and nobody is talking to him at the moment.

Waits to catch anyone's eye and then he'll give you a big smile.

Watches me make dinner every night from his chair while I talk to him. My little helper.
He definitely makes dinner making a little more bearable.

Has one good night of sleeping once a week maybe, but all the other days he usually wakes up around 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM to eat and goes right back to sleep.

Is ready to be up by 7:00 AM.

Starting to use his little voice in "coos."

Tries to click his tongue when I do.

Loves to eat!

Takes a bottle every once in a while when I'm at a meeting or something and is pretty good at it.
 My bigger boys never took a bottle very well.

Hates tummy time.

Scares me every time he fills his diaper because it's so loud! Intense pushing going on!

Loooves watching his brothers go about their days-- constant entertainment.

He wakes up Elliott on school mornings- per E's request that I lay him on his pillow.
I've never seen a happier Elliott when he has to wake up.

The boys all want to hold Franky all the time and have sweet little voices when they talk to him.

Adam and I have taken him on a few dates and he is the perfect little gentleman.
And Adam loves to take him out and carry him around to show him off-- such a proud daddy.

Linc's is always whispering to Franky during a diaper change or whatever, 
"When you're all done with this, you can have some milk!"
I just showed him this pic and asked if that's what he was whispering and he smiled and said, "yep."
Smiling at Linc.

Had his 2 month appointment on the day he turned 2 months- growing fast!
Newborn Franky (left) and at 2 months.

I think Franky could be considered dangerous-- he's just
so good, happy and cute that he makes me want more babies!

Love our little Frank Everett!

P.S. Thanks Steph for the cute month-by-month ties you sent for the little mister.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Franky at 2 1/2 weeks.

I can't get over how cute Franky looks when different people hold him.
When Adam holds him, he looks like a tiny doll.

Who doesn't love a fuzzy little head against their cheek??

Sunday, April 21, 2013

fuzzy rug

Franky at 1 1/2 weeks in his nursery.
(I was playing with the camera settings- funny how different they can make things.)

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