Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ollie turns 3!

Our sweet baby boy turned 3 today! Ollie is so fun to have in our family. We love him so much. He's a funny, smart, clever and CUTE little boy! Once you meet him and talk to him, you realize there is noone else like Ollie. He's hilarious to have a conversation with... Anyway- here are some pics of him growing up:

Birthday- Feb. 28th, 2006; 9 lbs 12 oz

He was born with the chubbiest cheeks! Everything else has changed- but he still has those cheekies. They still get so many kisses a day...
Blessing Day

We love our little Oliver!! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We were lucky enough to go with Adam's family to Indiana to visit his sister, Amy and her new baby Collin.
He's such a sweetheart! More about him and his blessing day in a bit...
Ollie, Kenzie and Elliott
The boys got to hang out with their cousin Kenzie too. They only see her a few times a year- so it's always a treat. She's such a funny girl. Ollie is just 6 months younger than her.
Adam was just excited to meet up with the infamous 4 point that Cody got a while back. The boys were so funny with this deer. They kept asking all sorts of questions, like, "Did it run when it saw Cody with his gun?" and "Why are his eyes so shiny?" (Elliott) and "What is that greasy stuff on the back of his neck?" (Ollie)
Amy took us to the children's museum in downtown Indianapolis- it was amazing! We only got to see part of it because we ran out of time and it was so big. I thought this was a cool glass sculpture.
We got to see the real Batmobile that they used in the movies. 

There was a lego section with huge sculptures on display- they were really cool. The kids could dress up in midevial (sp?) costumes too.

Here's the old carousel. We just barely bought Mary Poppins so we kept saying it was like the movie.

A huge locomotive.
We stopped by a little visitor's center downtown. It was so cold the whole time in Indiana and we heard it was super warm in Utah while we were gone...
Elliott and Grandpa with the state capital in the background.

What would a trip to Indiana be without a trip to the Indy 500 race track? The museum inside had the cars that have won and their trophies. The boys thought it was so cool.
Ollie wanted to pose by this car and made us take another picture.
This is the only one they could get in, and the steering wheel actually turned the wheels. Needless to say, we spent a while at this car. 

In our hotel room. It was so cute to see the boys in the same bed. And this explains Ollie's crazy hairdos every morning. He has some funny ones...

This is my friend, Lyndee who grew up in my neighborhood. Now she is in Amy's ward and they are good friends, and so are their girls. It's such a small world sometimes.
Amy, Cody and Baby Collin
Cody's whole family came (including grandparents!!) and Amy's whole family except for one sister, Megs came. It was so fun! They had like 20 out of towners... 
Getting our baby practicing in... ;) Baby Collin is so sweet. He looks like a little doll. I loved to just hold him while he slept and he looked so different when his eyes were open too. He is almost two months old, but still so tiny!
Here's our tuckered out baby. (He'll be 3 this week- so it's funny that we still think he's a baby sometimes!)
Riding the buckin' bronco (Cody's bro, Ryan). Ollie would laugh so hard!
At the airport- ready to go home. The boys LOVED watching all the planes come and go. And ever since we've been home, Ollie has been carrying around his little planes. The boys were really good on both flights- so we told them they can come on a plane with us again someday. It was fun to see Ames and her family in Indiana. Thanks guys! We love you!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Just wanted to post these pictures of our little life lately:
My little niece, Addie is so cute. I love seeing her- she is just sooo little tiny and always in PINK! Last night she was walking toward me with her lips like bitter beer face and she just got closer and closer and gave me a big kiss on the lips. It was so cute and funny. She's a little smartie too, just like her brother and sister.

Ollie has taken a love to blogging. (I'm not sure why...:) ) He knows how to scroll down the page and click on a picture to make it bigger and then go back again. Is he really only 2 still? It's weird that I can say, "Just scroll down," and he knows what to do. He does this a few times a day.

The other night I told Elliott to change out of his sweats into some jeans because we were going to dinner. He looked like this when he was done! He had put on Ollie's pants and they fit his waist just fine- not tight or anything!! It was so funny. (I totally thought of lil' Ayden Lindsay- although that was Jeremiah's deal right? Hee!)

And finally, the other day Elliott was walking around like this. He said he was a monster with four arms so he could hold lots of things. Always thinking of something!
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