Monday, April 27, 2015

dec/jan iphone

The boys brought up these mattresses from the basement. As much as I hated them in my living space, they had so much fun with them. 
The boys have funny friends. Adam sent me a picture once when he happened upon this in our living room! (Ollie's friend Parker.)
Christmas shopping with Adam and Franky. 
Running through Trolley Square Mall. 
Christmas Eve at Swalbergs. I love when I match my boysies by accident. It completely makes sense though- especially with Franky since I get to pick out his clothes still. 

Christie watches Franky one morning while I help in Linc's class. She sent me this picture of him and Gabby riding down her hill of a driveway. These bikes are perfect and go super slow. 
Found this crazy icicle while driving through Alpine one day. Wolverine claw!
Macro shot of a snowflake. 
Christmas break means lunch at Cafe Rio with cousins!
From one of our only snowfalls of the winter. This is the Jordan River in Lehi. 

Dino museum!
Grayson, Stella, Franky and Ollie.
Collin, Ollie and Linc. 

Science experiment- we put dove soap in the microwave and it puffs up really big. And makes your house smell like soap.
Our neighbors- the Calders gave these cute candy mustaches as a neighbor gift. :)
Adam at the Jazz game with his buddy Brian, who has worked with the Jazz bear for years. He gets to throw all the t-shirts out and stuff like that. Brian is on our trips we go on too. Super cool guy.
Adam went down to meet the Jazz bear. The kids were invited too, but waited for a while and went back to their seats and missed him.
Linc, Kenzie, Elliott, Ollie, Collin, Tanner, Will, Cody

Uncle Cody took my boys to the game for a Christmas present. Their family had our family- how fun right? Amy gave me a photo book about our trip to Italy that she was on too, and it made me cry. Best gift-givers ever!
At Airborne- a trampoline place every kid LOVES. 

The 2013 Swalberg babies- Kate- 18 mo, Stella- 22 mo, Grayson- 16 mo, Franky- 22 mo.
Yes, Kate is teeny tiny!

Franky loved looking at our Christmas cards! We all did!
Franky's favorite Christmas present.
Just lounging fresh out of the tub. 
After Christmas week is the best because toys are everywhere!

We always love our trees and hate when its time to get rid of it. 
We planned a snowboarding day with the big boys and babysitters for the littles and Linc started throwing up as we were ready to walk out the door. I stayed home and Adam took Ollie and Elliott. It was Ollie's first time! He took a class and did really good. 


Ollie looks cute with a snowboard! Sad I missed it!
Also sad it didn't snow very much so we never made it back up to snowboard this winter.
Quick visit to Utah Lake. 
The sickness eventually hit our whole house, except Adam. This is when Franky would just sit in the tub and stare, but didn't want to get out. The only way to help him feel a little better. 
Cute vintage picture of me and my friend Jilly skiing in my backyard when we were 4, I think. Way too cute!
Trip to the dentist always ends with the toy machine!
Naps with Suki are Franky's favorite.

Christie took these at the dino museum. :)

One Sunday after we were cooped up inside, and Adam had been at meetings all day, (and still was) I made us all go outside to play in the last patch of snow. We had fun and got some energy out! Here are the big guys playing leap frog as the other slid down the hill on the sled. 
Oh Franky!
Rain in January feels really weird in Utah. But it was nice. 

Linc and Tiger- the salamander.
Elliott was excited to destroy his old math workbook since he was done with it. 

Franky looking like he's from the 50's with his daddy's glasses and some major beehive hairdo.

Shoulder angel. :)
Winter sunsets!!
My funny bunny with long hair.

I always do this with the boys, but just realized the big brothers can do it too! 
I gave them snacks in the kitchen and they walked over and sat together to watch sesame street. So funny. 

Long hair equals lots of funny Franky hairs!

Watching the world wake up. 

Visiting the Alpine lot, before it was ours. There are wild turkeys and deer on it all the time. (Will and Franky)
Funny date night where we ran through the photo booth as couples. Some of my favorite people right here! 
Sweetness at Ollie's ball game. 

Franky just went right over to our neighbor and sat down- what the???

Anatomy of a prayer with Franky Swalberg...

Park day with no jacket in January!! ( I was wearing a jacket, but Linc didn't think he needed one.)

Nice winter means time for an impromptu zoo day on early out day.

Franky, Ollie, Elliott, Linc, Addie, Elli, Ben
Will, Addie, Linc

Franky, Linc, Addie, Ollie, Ben, Elliott, Elli (Will didn't want a picture.)
My blue-eyed sweetheart. 

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