Monday, June 24, 2013


A glimpse into our Saturday:
We love to put fruit and yogurt on our pancakes... are we the only ones?
Franky's go-to action if he gets excited... or bored. Maybe he'll be a loud whistler someday.
We stopped at Trader Joe's -- Adam's first time since they opened in Utah. These strawberries were the best we've ever had- so flavorful and different than what we're used to. Is it because they're organic, or TJ's?
We hiked to Ensign Peak  (pics below) for a great view of the Salt Lake Valley. On the West we could see the airport and The Great Salt Lake- it was fun! The weather was perfect too- mid 70's. 

After the hike the boys and I played at Liberty Park while Adam went to his favorite record store. (Either that or wait in the car for an hour- we've learned our lesson- ha!) Then we went to the Gateway to play in the fountains. We wanted to go to the Planetarium too, but it had closed just before we got there for a wedding...? We were bummed but got this HUGE shaved ice instead. After we ate at Chunga's- a Mexican restaurant. Such a fun day with my little family. 

Wearing Franky was so fun! We switched him facing out after a while... we only put him in this way because he was sleeping at first.


We smelled someone cooking s'mores outside on night, so we made our own in the oven.
Watching the sunset with Franky.

One day Linc wanted to run home from my sister's house across the neighborhood. We drove by him the whole time and kept asking if he wanted to get in but he wouldn't. Funny boy. 
My sister's, mine and Kari's sandals at a camp meeting one night.
Twins for the day.

Linc enjoying some time alone with the Legos... in Elliott's room of course.
Elliott made this card for Adam for Father's Day. Cutest card ever!
On the city parade route we watched.
Happy little Franky boy!

Friday, June 21, 2013

finnish lessons

I've always wanted my kids to know Finnish... and my mom has started teaching the boys! It is a learning time for me too, since I only know some phrases. We are having lots of fun! Here is my mom at work.

life in general

Here's what our family looks like most of the time- a little crazy, loud and boyish.

Makes you treasure the peaceful mornings. 
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