Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oliver at six

My sweet little Oliver turned 6 yesterday.
He was born the cuddliest kid I've ever known.
It might have been those ultra soft cheeks that helped us cuddle with him.
But he still loves to snuggle and give hugs and kisses- many, many times a day.
And yes- he will sit on our laps all the time without even a pause or invitation.
He is funny and is always smiling.
He LOVES playing with friends and makes friends with anyone he meets.
He will play with Elliott and his friends like they are his too.
He is very confident.
He is the one who is always dressed with his shoes on before I'm out of bed.
And he is the first awake and has just recently dared to come downstairs by himself- usually to start the wii. He is very proud of this fact. 
I know he will help me with (almost) anything I ask.
He tells me stories from kindergarten all day.
He is learning to read and notices (and tries) words everywhere.
He loves reading name tags of people at restaurants and stores.
Ollie loves soccer and is always asking when the next season starts.
He is always playing his cd player and changing out the cds.
On our growth chart he is a little taller than E was on each of his stages- 
I wonder if this means he'll be taller?
He helps Lincoln all the time- he has taken it upon himself to be his translator and opener of snacks.
He is a smart little boy and catches on to everything pretty quick.

I feel so lucky to have Oliver Jack in our family.
He is great and we love him!
newborn Ollie
one year
two years
two years
three years
three years 
four years
five years
five years
six years!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

dinner with friends

 I love going to dinner.
And I love hanging out with friends. 
One we do more than the other...
Last week we got to go with Cassie and Alex (they used to live next-door to us) 
to La Jolla Groves- delicious!
We walked around this pretty outside mall and talked by the fire and heaters they had set up everywhere while we ate our Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory goodies. 
I realized as I was writing in my "5 year one-line-a-day journal" that we went snowshoeing with them exactly one year ago.
And that was the last time we officially went out with them.
Too long if you ask me.
So excited that they are having another baby girl in July- this makes 5!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

my mornings

Ollie is a funny little person to hang out half the day with. 
He starts kindergarten after lunch- so our mornings are 
filled with friends, games and sometimes errands.
 Clara and Dawson are in his class at school and live on our street- so lots of their mornings are spent together. This was the day they celebrated their 100th day of school. They made their own shirts and wore them to school that day. 
 I was snacking on some peas the other day when I was invaded by these guys.
I thought they'd eat one and be on their way, but they stayed and ate the whole bag... 
while they played with their guys. (Even Dawson Melissa!)
Clara is so fun that she will play pirates and ninjas with the boys.
Healthy kids.

Here's our other little morning buddy- Miss Gabby. 
It's an adventure every day at our house!

Monday, February 20, 2012

v day roundup

 Our month was filled with Valentines-y activities and treats...
heart s'mores
 My mom gave me an old box filled with all of my boutineers from high school...
...and some old goblets from the dances. 
So funny that 
1. I saved all those boutineers!
And 2. Our school gave goblets for all the nice dances. It seems sooo silly now. 
I have since thrown the flowers out and the boys use the goblets for dinner. 
We have broken one so far...

 Linc was obsessed with the love robot window clings.
(Maybe I was too- I love those things.)

 Getting Valentines ready for their classes.
Elliott gave a big eraser and a paper airplane.
Ollie gave chocolate covered heart pretzels and tiny animal tattoos.
They were so excited!
 We have never decorated a box for Elliott- his teachers have always done it in class- but this year Ollie's teacher told the kids to create one at home. There were the cutest boxes! Sharks, robots, houses, covered wagons, little monsters- so fun!
 I did potato stamping with Elliott's class and then cookie decorating the next hour with Ollie's class. 
Elliott came to "help" but it was fun having him in there.

 So many girls in both classes had hearts in their hair!
With the lack of girls in this house- I had never seen it before- so I snapped a pic.
 Elliott- keeping busy.
He told me these were the twin towers- but that plane was a nice one- not the one that ran into the buildings. All the kindergartners were loving his drawing- I think it made him feel good.

 Ollie's cute class and teacher.
 Funny valentine.
 Elliott made Adam and I a book of poems all by himself for Valentine's Day.
We laughed at the cute poems.
We've been reading lots of Shel Silverstein lately...

 My cute sweetheart- Linc put the heart sticker on him when he got home from work.
 chocolate dipped raspberries, strawberries and oreos

A little treat for some of our favorite people on Valentine's Day.

the happy hour

My sister-in-law Megs at The Happy Hour is having giveaways ALL. WEEK. LONG. 
She has such pretty pics on her blog- plus amazing outfits and 
maybe even some funny dental hygiene stories to tell you about.
Seems like it was just yesterday she was the 11-year-old decked out in head to toe 
Nike gear and a ponytail tagging along with Adam and I. Hehe. Love ya Megs!

Go see her cute blog and enter to win!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

fruit salsa

Fruit Salsa:

1. Gather any fruit you have- but especially strawberries.
2. Chop them up- I used my pampered chef chopper (Sometimes I blend them for a runny salsa.)
This time I used strawberries, pears, kiwis, blueberries and apples.
4. Combine and add a little sweetener, like honey, apple jelly or sugar if desired.
(Sometimes I don't add any extra sweetener- the fruit alone is pretty sweet.)
5. Serve with cinnamon-sugar chips and enjoy. 

Cinnamon Sugar Chips:

Brush a tortilla with olive oil.
Sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar mixture.
(Do one side or both.)
Cut with a pizza cutter.
Put on a cookie sheet and place in 350 degree oven for 15 minutes, turning once.
Let cool.

P.S. I used a little too much cinnamon on this batch- 
it still tasted great but just looks a little darker than I wanted.

Friday, February 17, 2012


salsa bar at Tarahumara
Oh my gosh you guys- it has started.

Elliott is only 8 and isn't loving all the places we go as a family anymore.
"Why do we have to run errands (or go here or there)?!"
"Can't you go while I'm at school?"
"You're wasting all my time!"
He would rather stay home most of the time.
He's okay if we are going someplace fun- which is understandable. 
But I don't think it's that bad hanging out together?
And I definitely thought we had more time (8 more years at least?) before we had to worry about this.

And he is a bit of a picker in the food department and can't quite 
understand why we don't go to Olive Garden every time we eat out.

This is a new chapter in our little family.
 And I'm still learning how to deal with the "attitude."

A couple weeks ago we went to see the ice castles that are in Midway every year. 
The plan was to see them after a drive up Provo Canyon 
and eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Midway.
Too bad we realized after the drive up that the ice castles weren't to be found in 
Utah this year because of the mild weather we've had all winter.
(Really should have looked that up before the drive.)
Anyway- we were bummed, but had more to look forward to- 
Eating! The Store! Being together on our designated family night---> Monday!

Except for Mr. E.

And then when we went to drown our sorrows in the best salsa bar in Utah- 
we heard a few more loud grumbles. 

We ordered our favorites (E ordered something new) and settled in.

The boys started drawing on the paper table covers 
and were soon laughing and talking.
The negativity started to disappear-- as fast as the food on our plates.

We tore out the pictures and hung them on the designated cork board in the restaurant 
and were on our way.

We stopped by the little store in Midway (The Store) to stock up on more freshly packed salsa and some V chocolate pretzels and started the drive home. 

We talked all through the canyon (our family rule is no video watching while in canyons and the boys totally enforce it) - telling stories from school, work and our day.

It turned out to be a pretty great night together as a family.
Even Elliott thought so.
I just hope he starts to realize beforehand that it's not going to be that bad.
We're his family after all and we're happiest when he's with us. 

 1. Elliott's depiction of Adam 2. Adam's sketch of Ollie
My drawing of Linc in the foreground.
E- happiest when drawing.
sidewalk ice skating
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