Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mikey's Wedding

My little brother, Mikey got married last week! Joy is so fun- we are excited to have her in the family...
Mike and Joy
The cake. It was banana inside.

My little family. So many boys.
Right before the ceremony. I should have known this little arrangement wouldn't work out for the quiet factor...
Some of my big family: Elliott, Elli, Benny, Oliver, Leena (my mom), Me. Tagen, Eric, Jeremy, Adam, Baby Lincoln, Linds, Addie, Brian, Ari, Jim (my dad.)

It was so fun seeing my relatives! Riko, Mike, Estacia, Michelle, Baby Linc, Aunt Penny, Aunt Marcia, Linds and Annika.
My brother, Ari- in from Chicago, and my sister, Michelle- due in one week! P.S. Thanks family- for not telling me my hair was crazy in the back the whole night....
Me and my cute Mom. I love this picture of her.
My Mom and Mike.
Mike, Tagen, Aunt Penny, Eric.
Adam and Uncle Wayne. I've always thought that Wayne looked a little like Adam in his younger years- so I made them take a picture.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Guzzi

The other day I drove behind Adam as he drove to his parent's to park his bike for the winter. I thought these pics were cool. (Maybe because I usually only see him ride for 5 seconds in front of our house...)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Elliott's tooth, etc.

I can't believe how busy we've been around our house! And I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. The calendar for the rest of the year is getting so booked already. Here are a few of our latest happenings:
Elliott's tooth that had been wiggly for a few months finally came out. Because I pulled it out with a string. Turns out Adam's a softie and couldn't actually do it. So I did. I actually tried getting it out for a few weeks, but Elliott got wise and knew to not let me get near it. It's so cute to see him and hear a little tiny lisp. It makes him seem so big.

This is how my kids watch t.v. Ollie looks comfortable... And my couch cushions were destroyed long ago because this is Elliott's favorite seat in the house.
We put Elliott in a wrestling club with his best buddy, Noah. He had lots of fun. It was funny to see him so timid in a wrestling atmosphere. At home he wants to wrestle non-stop with anyone who will go at it with him. He has loved it since he was tiny. And he is tough. But here, he would just laugh and giggle with Noah. He learned a lot though.

And this little guy has been sick. He never sits still like this. Usually he's air drumming or twisting around and wiggling. I just had to take a picture because it's so rare. Poor little guy. He's finally getting better, but his little voice is hoarse, I can barely hear him cry. It's pretty cute when he's babbling though. Hopefully we're done being sick for a while...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Think warm thoughts!

I'm so thankful for seasons. I love them. I love having different things to do, see, smell and wear. I'm loving the fall, but today I was helping the boys collect leaves outside (E called it a leaf festival) and I was chilled to the bone by the wind. I couldn't warm up. We came in and had hot chocolate. We baked cookies and made soup for dinner. I still felt chilly. I guess it's just a little adjustment problem, or maybe it's this dumb infection I've been fighting for a few days. Well- I found these pictures from late summer in my other camera and they warmed me right up. We decided to eat dinner outside one day when Adam had something after work and I was just so in love with our view, the summer beauty and my boys.

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