Tuesday, November 29, 2011

oh christmas tree

Right before Thanksgiving I drove by our favorite Christmas tree lot.
There were trucks and trailers loaded with trees- our favorite trees!

I was so excited that I sent a picture to Adam.

The owner of the lot is getting older and his kids are actually running the thing. 
Every year we think they'll be done.
We don't know what we'll do when that happens because we love their trees so much and haven't seen any others like them. 
But the important thing was they were back this year.
We sort of bundled up... Linc wouldn't put his big coat on top of his little one
Ollie and I both forgot his big one...seriously- we both went back for it but somehow ended up without it? But I did remember to bring his gloves?
And I let him wear my scarf five seconds in when he was too cold.
Anyway- we started the search:
walking down the tight little isles of the perfect green.
Inspecting the trees for the one that was just right for us.
Not too tall or too bushy or too skinny.
Pulling one out here and there to see all sides. 
The smell of the trees is intoxicating!
Really- one of my favorite scents ever. 

tree cave

This guy was a little hard to keep track of in the tree maze... but we only lost him once.

Can this be the one? 
Adam is usually the final judge.
Haha Linc...
This is me taking pics while guarding a tree as Adam and the boys look down the rest of the isles to make sure we found the best one. I told E to stand by a tree so I could get Adam to see it and someone TOOK it right out from under him. He was standing right in front of it, and they grabbed it!! Wouldn't you ask a little boy if this was his tree? Oh well- that's why I was guarding this one.

I sorta like the blur.

Success! We love our tree!

Linc claimed this as his string of lights and guarded them so nobody unplugged or tripped on them.
The boys were beyond excited to decorate the tree...
And since I'm the official light girl, I tried to hurry so they could decorate before bed.

They were all still up past ten on a school night.

But we got some decorations up.
And in the end my hands were covered in sap.
But I didn't mind. (That delicious smell!)
The boys kept themselves busy while waiting for the lights.

Finally ready to decorate!
My favorites are the picture ornaments. 
So cute to see my little babies through the years.

Our Charlie Brown tree!
The boys did most of the decorating.
I love it so much!
It is so us.
And our house smells nice too- 
Having it more in the middle of the room this year instead of backed in the corner is fun too--
thanks to our remodel this year changing things up a bit.

Monday, November 28, 2011

temple square

The plan was to go snowboarding with Adam's family on Saturday, 
until we realized half of us (including the kids) couldn't go.
So we went to dinner in Salt Lake and went to see the lights instead.
Mmmm- Bucca di Beppo- Italian food.
Collin was so funny- he sat and stared like this for a while after he woke up from a nap in his dad's arms...

Oliver the snuggler... he would snuggle all day if we let him.

Sini, Lincoln, Elliott & Kenzie
Ames, Collin and their gigantic chocolate cake!

With our warm dinner in our bellies, 
next we headed outside to the coooooold to see the lights at Temple Square.
 They did not disappoint.
And either did our handwarmers that most of us kept in our gloves and pockets.
Mister Lincoln held his in his freezing, gloveless hands.

Salt Lake Temple

Elliott, Kenzie, Oliver & Linc

Ollie telling everyone how hot his hands were!

Ames and Cody braved the cold temps too... 
they live in warm Las Vegas so this was big. :)
Billions of lights!

Tanner & Megs

With Grandpa Steve
Christie and her bundled Gabby- she was sitting so still- so funny!
Grammy & Grandpa

How do they get all those lights on the tree???
Walking around the beautiful temple and checking out all the fountains.

floating lights on the reflection pond

I love these next few pictures... you can see what makes Linc happy:

He's a brave little 2 year old!

Where's Linc?
still holding his handwarmers
We had a great time seeing the beautiful lights and feeling the spirit of Christmas! 
But pictures don't do it justice. 
You'll just have to go for yourself.
And here's a tip- handwarmers and hot chocolate. :)
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