Friday, March 30, 2012

Linc's birthday

All Linc wanted to do for his birthday was go to the Dinosaur Museum.
The last day we could use our pass was his birthday so it worked out great.
The big boys had an early-out day at school so we went for the afternoon.
I kind of feel naked without a pass at the moment...

Linc with the beaters mixing cake batter.
 Mister Lincoln helped me make two cakes... one for his Ben 10 cake,
and one for the strawberry shortcake to give the guests.
 This was a last minute cake and not very cool, but oh well. 
It has the omnimatrix and some little Ben 10 guys on it.
Elliott, Benny, Ollie, Elli, Grandma, Linc
Pizza with cousins and Grandma.
Grandma, Scott, Christie, Brian, Will, Adam, Linds and Melora
He talked about his cake all day and how he would blow the candles out.
The cake is everything for a 3-year-old no?

He was so darn cute while we sang 'Happy Birthday'
-- a little shy smile but happy to be the center of everyone's attention.

Cutest puckered lips ever!

I got to meet my new nephew- Baby Kai who is five weeks old. So sweet!
Dancing to The Shins on the record player.
Will- 21 months, Melora- 2 yrs, Linc- 3 yrs

My sis- Michelle with Baby Kai

Finally- the presents!
Let it be known that we officially have every boy toy known to man!
So we just got Linc a few new Ben 10 aliens of his own. 
The big boys might have been impressed...

birthday boy
Linc was sad when it was time for bed... I love this progression of pics though:

Linc with his balloons the next morning.
I found the pack of 5 balloons on clearance at Walmart for $1 a while back
and had them filled with helium for cheap!

I think he had a great day!
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