Sunday, July 31, 2011

summer Linc

Little Lincoln is finally starting to talk a lot now. I was on the verge of being worried, but I knew he understood us, so I wasn't too scared. 

I think 2-year-olds are the best! He is sooo little and cute. Everything he says is darling. I still kiss his cheeks all day long and he doesn't even flinch because he's so used to it. I looove getting him out of his crib in the morning and from naps- he's so happy and talks our ear off. And he still doesn't climb out of his crib. So nice. I can make out a lot of what he says now, unless he gets super excited or playful and he'll just jabber nonsense really fast. Here' s what he's up to these days:

-He says "Eees? Eees!" for "see". 
-He's still on the hunt for gum all day everyday, but only swallows it a fraction of the time now.  
-Calls every cat Suki or Suk (Sook)
-When he wants something he'll loudly demand it, but then realizes his manners and quietly asks, "Pease? Drink? Pease?" (although he says drink, gog.)
-He thinks he's as big as his brothers and tags along with them all day every day.
-When I ask him who each person is in our family pic, he says, Mama, Dada, Ett, Yi, and Baby for himself. I keep asking if he's a big boy or a baby and he insists on baby- I love it!
- His dark little eyelashes and eyes melt my heart. And his hair has gone light for the summer, just like Elliott's when he was two.
-He loves Ben 10. We have some of the action figure aliens and he always carries a couple around in his chubby little fists and cries when the big boys have one and he doesn't. And when the big boys are busy somewhere, he'll take all of them and line them up on the floor and play and play and play with them. 
-He has started singing some songs and it's the cutest thing ever.
-He's a sweet dancer- I've got tons of video of him rocking out. 
-He loves his "bet" and "ba" (blankie and binky) still. 
-He knows the way to his nursery class (I follow him) and loves going in to play and especially loves Sister Killoran.
-He rides his "bike" all over the neighborhood super fast and loves downhill. (It's really a plasma car.) 
-He still doesn't love bread so lunch is interesting- just ham or turkey, cheese and cucumbers usually. 
-He helps himself to the fridge (and pantry if the door isn't closed) all. day. long. He's a grazer that guy.
-We're still teaching not to hit. And he runs away in every store we go to. He's our busy boy. 
- He won't usually hold my hand in a parking lot or crossing the streets, but he'll hold Elliott and Ollie's- which is so sweet and I need to get a picture of. 

We love our Linc-y Bear!

summer boys

This summer is going way too fast. I'm just trying to enjoy every minute. We've been staying up late and sleeping in (yes- even the boys!) I feel so lazy sleeping in, but it's just so nice that I can't help it. We've played with lots of visitors who have come into town, had lots of fun playgroups around the valley and have gone on lots of hikes as a family. It's been great. I've loved not having such a strict schedule and we just do what we feel for that day. This is the life. 
 P.S. I feel lucky to have Adam always playing guitar. I told him the other day that even if I'm not just sitting there only listening to him (huge multi-tasker here) I love hearing him play all the time. I especially love when he sings along to the strumming. 
(the boys on a lazy Saturday afternoon)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

finland wrap-up

 After the museum, we walked around and took the tram to the Sibelius monument. 

 This was to commemorate Finland's greatest composer, Jean Sibelius. He wrote their national anthem, "Finlandia" which is also the tune that "Be Still My Soul" is sung too. Look at the bottom of the hymnbook next time you sing it in church. Pretty cool. He lived from 1865-1957.

Apparently, the modern artist who sculpted this in 1967 was sort of forced into putting a model of his face on since otherwise it seemed so abstract. I think it's a nice touch. 

 This was one tired little Linc who took yet another nap in our arms on this day.

 So cute- I couldn't stop taking pics while he stared. 

One of the interesting buildings we saw on the tram- it looks like it's tipping over...
 After we checked into our hotel and rested a bit, we met up with Jaakko and Satu after they got off of work since they live in Helsinki. We made our way back to the port, via trams, picked up our stuff and then ate pizza at the mall. The pizza place gave chewing gum with each pizza, for afterwards. Jaakko also bought a bag of spicy chips... called something like, "America's Favorite Chip!" and offered some to us, saying, "Don't you guys love these?!" No, we do not. A ploy I tell you.

Anyway, in the mall was also a few grocery stores and we stocked up on some last minute candy and lots of bread and fruit for the morning. It was so great seeing Jaakko and Satu one more time. It was fun to see how confident and well-spoken Jaakko is. Plus he's really smart- and that makes me a proud cousin. 

(These two pics were so bad! Is my point and shoot really that bad?!)
 coat family
 We gave the boys the big bed and Adam and I took the two fold outs. It was a nice hotel room (sort of)- all reservations done online, all keys done by entering codes that only worked for a limited time, and no front desk. 
 Bedhead- he wouldn't let me take a pic!
 Linc, Elliott & Ollie at Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

 Linc slept for four hours on the nine hour first leg. He was so good. He kept busy with his bucket of toys. 

 In Chicago, Elliott couldn't wait any longer and fell asleep for an hour. It was so hard waking him up when it was time to go. I hate my kids missing sleep!
 Mister Oliver is on one of our laps constantly- a little snuggler.
 Some of the candy loot- the dumles (doom-lays) are my fav... along with the Fazer pastilles, and the mariannes.... the kissmets- minty goodness. I love it all. 
 Adam brought 6 bags of the rye bread home- and I brought one rice bread home. It was supposed to be refrigerated... but who cares. I ate it over the next week anyway, and didn't share it with anyone!
 Unpacking... blah!
 Our 2 week mail stack.
 It was nice getting back at 10 at night so we could go right to sleep. The boys seemed fine the next day, the big boys wouldn't take a nap. It took Adam and I a good week to get over the jet lag! I was so tired and dizzy! I think I'm just getting old. Anyway- while Linc, Adam and I were taking a nap the next day, the boys put these two flags in the clubhouse- I love that their eyes are forever opened to another part of the world. 

We had such an amazing experience! I love my family there and only feel more connected to them. I love that I can communicate with them on facebook, email and this blog. It was a chance of a lifetime, and I'm glad we took it!

The End

Or is it just the beginning?

Pure cheese, I know... but the boys want to go on missions there now. They know Finnish words and count to ten in Finnish and tell me all the time they wish they could go back. I love it. They are forever connected to Finland now too, just like I've always been. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

museum of finland

Since the day was a little gray and rainy, we decided to go inside to the Museum of Finland. We ate in their little cafe-- it was delcious-- and looked around at Finland's history. They had a fun children's section too. It was interesting to learn some things I never knew.

heavy armor

Linc in the riding coat on a side saddle...

old door from 1794

The traditional clothing of Lapland.

Outside the day had cleared up- hooray!

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