Thursday, March 27, 2014

Linc's star wars party

 Lincoln had counted down this day for months and months and it was finally here! He was so excited the night before and told me, "I'm already a little bit 5 mom." He woke up to balloons in his room!

 He got to open his presents early before Adam left for work since he had to go to St. George for a couple days. Before we went downstairs I told him the presents were waiting and he said, "Just tell me what the presents look like on the outside. What colors?" 

 Of course he is into the same things as his big brothers- Star Wars and Legos, so everyone was excited about his presents.

 Cute little look-a-likes. 
 Linc wanted me to draw this on his cake... instead I made a copy and put it on tinfoil- haha. 

 He was so excited for his first friend birthday party and invited neighbors, cousins and a preschool friend.
 We got the noodles at the dollar store and cut them in half and made handles with black tape for light sabers. The kids LOVED them. This was such a fun, good group. We had a contest to see who could keep the balloons up the longest. 

 Franky could not have been better- he just crawled around watching and playing with all the kids. 
So happy.

 The fun little party! Franky, Gabe, Bennett, Tristan, Ryan, Linc, Addie, Jaxon, Willy, Benny, Elliott, Ollie.
 Star Wars Bingo

 Enjoying their banana cake with chocolate chips (by Linc's request.)

 Franky loved it!

 Playing, presents and more playing. What a fun day! The kids were very excited to take their light sabers home. I would say five is the perfect age for this idea.

 Love my little buddy! 
(Thanks to Elliott for the last few photos.)
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