Wednesday, March 31, 2010


(Youth Talent Show- January 2010)
I got released from being Young Women President on Sunday. It's been exactly 3 years since I got the calling. I never expected to be called and wow I learned a lot! About everything, from the way our church works, to sacrifice, and of course I learned a lot about the girls! It was such a great experience- one of the hardest things I've ever done though!

So when I got the call, I had just turned 28, now I'm 31. Ollie had just turned one and now he's 4. Elliott was 3 and now he's six. We didn't have Lincoln yet, in fact we planned our pregnancy around girls' camp so I wouldn't have morning sickness while I was there. There were 16 young women when we got in and now there are 38! There were 4 babies born between our presidency in the 3 years we were in.

Here are some important lessons I learned while serving:
*The ward really does look out for everyone and has the best intentions.
*I never realized how much time people actually put into their callings.
*I'll try not to complain about a calling ever again (especially if it's a Sunday only one, or better yet- an every other week one!!!)
*Delegation. This was really hard for me. I didn't want to put anyone out, especially with how busy they were. But things always turned out better when I didn't try to do it all by myself.
*I learned that I can always work on my communication, because I've never been the greatest at it.
*I definitely had some spiritual help in who to pick for my counselors and secretary. And I am sooo glad I listened because our presidency was so great!
*I know that I am happier when I'm doing what I know is right.

It is hard to move on. I just love those girls- they are so great! I learned a lot from watching them- they have been through a lot and are very resilient.

But it will be good to let someone else have their turn in Young Womens!

I was telling the boys I wasn't in Young Womens anymore, so no more Wednesday nights, no more meetings before and after church, no more taking things to all the girls in the neighborhood (fliers, invitations, permission slips etc.) And the thing that got them the most was when I told them I would have to give my church keys to the next president. They were really bummed about it! :)

Now- what to do with my first Wednesday night off in 3 years.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Brother and Friend

All for one and one for all
My brother and my friend
What fun we have
The time we share
Brothers 'til the end.
~Author Unknown
The boys dividing up their rock collection. (Linc having a taste.)

It's so fun figuring out this brother stuff. They are so funny- they play with the same friends, do all the same things (if one is in their room, the other is, if one is watching a show, that's where the other will be, riding bikes, playing outside, etc.) They don't know it, but they are best little buddies. (Even buddies bicker right?) When I get Linc from his crib he squeals with excitement when he sees his brothers. I keep telling the boys that they need to take care of Linc too- that's a brother's job. I hope they can always be friends. I love these boysies.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ollie's Party

(Elliott and Ollie stuffing the pinata.)
We decided to have Ollie's first little friend party with a few neighbor kids and cousins. He had lots of fun (even though he cried 5 different times for things not going his way....)

I got this idea from Blonde Designs- the kids loved having their own little water bottle.
This is the little kid version or musical chairs, for some reason the big kids kept winning so we made them sit out on this one.
Oliver Jack

Cupcake Time!

I love the present cluster- everyone wants to be sooo close.
Getting ready to hit the pinata. Ollie, Addie, Bryce, Dawson, Hailey, Clara, Madison, Elliott, Benny and Elli. We got some great pics of them hitting it- but my computer is out of space! Big surprise since I take so many pictures....
Happy Birthday Ollie!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stuck, stuck, STUCK!

This is a daily occurrence in our house! Sweet little Linc. (I hope the little candy he found was worth it.)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 8- Biking in South Beach

We got off the ship at ten and our plane didn't leave until 6 PM- so we had some time in Miami. Somehow- thanks to an iphone and the lure of segways (the boys wanted to ride them!!) we ended up in the Art Deco district of South Beach. I loved how this day turned out! Instead, we rented bikes and looped around the city and rode by the beach.

Rich, Brooke and Adam riding through the city.
Rich, Abby and Adam at a street fair.
Luke, Brooke, Rich, Adam and Sini
It was pretty chilly in FL! I was wearing two little jackets (the only warm things I brought) and was still freezing. When we got on the plane later that night it started getting so hot- Adam was dying and I was in heaven- it felt so good!

We had our Valentine lunch at a little sidewalk cafe while we stowed our luggage at the bike shop.
Goodbye Florida, friends and the cruise! It was such a fun experience- so different than anything I've ever done. We're already planning round two in 2012... :)

Day 6 & 7- At (stormy) Sea

On Friday morning the ship's captain came over the speakers and broke the news that the Saturday port was being cancelled due to high winds, high waves and bad weather. (Actually I couldn't understand what he was saying, but the cruise director came on to clarify...) We were a little bummed since, 1. It looked really sunny and nice outside and 2. It was our last port and I was looking forward to sitting on the beach and playing in the ocean all day.
Sure enough, the clouds rolled in. It was a pretty cool sight. We went to the top deck to get pictures and and got under cover just in time for the downpour. Everyone disappeared inside, but we played cards outside (under a roof of course.) For the next two nights it was pretty wavy- everyone was feeling a little seasick. (Good thing Adam was "Alive with pleasure!") I think he actually was the most sick, but our Mexican lunch might have added to that...

They had a cirque d' soleil (sp?) type show one night and after had all the captains, most of the chefs and lots of the crew come out. I guess there were about 2,000 guests on the boat and 1,000 crew members. I still can't fathom living on a boat as your job for so many months. When you get off work- where do you go?! Anyway- they treated us so good. We saw lots of fun shows, including a stand up comedian, a ventriliquist, some country band, some funny game shows and some musical tributes. (I was just glad to go out every night!)
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