Thursday, June 30, 2011

bunker museum

Ollie scored some fish eggs on this morning's fishing trip. 
He put them in a baggie and checked on them all day.
And by checking on them, I mean taking them out and squishing and playing with them.
 Adam with his new Finnish house slippers.

 We headed to the bunker museum later which started with a movie talking about 
Finland's relationship with Russia. Let's just say they've been an unpleasant neighbor in the past. 

We went outside to see the machinery. The boys LOVED it. 

the boys and uncle Ari

This bunker's walls were super thick. They were usually buried in the ground, but this one was out so we could see it.
Our guide and the movie told us about these trenches were dug for THOUSANDS of miles next to the Russian border. It was crazy to see. And in the end, Russia didn't advance again, partly because of these trenches! So even though they were never used, it was important that they were there. Lots of lives saved!
military lookout

It would still be hard to see advancing troops with all those trees, no?

the high lookout down to the road

Linc is so cute! He'll never remember this trip, but he'll feel like it because there are so many pictures! 
Do you feel like you've been there too? Ha!

Look how short that log is we had to duck under- like half of Adam. 

This is down inside one of the bunkers. It was cool to see out.

War is scary stuff, and I'm glad it's over for Finland!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

fishing on the ocean

 So this wasn't the deep sea fishing like you typically think when you hear fishing on the ocean. This is a little inlet from the Gulf Of Finland... I'm sure it has a name, I just don't know it. The boys got to go out earlier with my brother, and they went the next morning too. Adam and I just went once.

Uncle Seppo and his friend, Risto put a long net out and attatched it to two anchors and left it out all day to catch some fish. We only got little ones this time. But it was gorgeous being out on the water.

beautiful Linds

Someone's summer cottage!

 You can see a ski jump in the background.

 Dinner afterwards. Did I mention we ate four times a day there??
Tired boys after a long day.
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