Saturday, April 30, 2011

snow surfing

We bought an awesome pass that lets us snowboard on random days and do other fun things around Utah, so Adam took a Monday off and we headed up to Brighton. It rained hard the whole drive up and we were worried we'd get soaked, but just as we hit the parking lot it was snowing.

It snowed the ENTIRE day.

Which is fine, but it's a little different boarding in that much powder. Especially when you're going through a hill filled with other tracks. I felt like I was surfing. Which, I've never been surfing for real, but that's what it felt like. 

And falling was just hilarious. It was so soft and fluffy that you just had to laugh every time. 

We even tried a few tricks this time. 

tasting snowflakes
Good thing I took Elliott's goggles up with me. But we were glad he didn't come this time- it was hard!
By the time we'd get to the top of the lift, we were like sitting snowpeople. 
But we stayed surprisingly warm. 
it was beautiful

Afterwards, we warmed up with soup and sandwiches at Kneaders. What a fun day with my hubby.

Friday, April 29, 2011

rainbow cake

 How to make a rainbow cake. (It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.)
 Make your favorite white cake mix. I added lemon pudding and a little vanilla extract to make my white cake even more moist and to taste lemony- but next time I'd stick with plain white cake mix. Divide it up into 6 different bowls. Mix food coloring into the batter- I used this guide.

 I thought the spoons were so pretty afterwards! They got their own photo shoot. 
P.S. They weren't licked off, but spatula'd off... I think that's good to know?

 Bake at temp recommended on the box, but it only takes about 10-12 minutes since they are so thin. Test with a toothpick.

Let them cool in the pans for a little bit before moving to cooling racks.

Slop with frosting- of course using about double the usual frosting you would for a regular cake since there are so many layers.

 The actual cake seems very simple, but the surprise inside is worth it!

You could even put the colors in just two cake pans and have more of a random rainbow. And I've also seen these made into cupcakes too- so cute. 

grammy's special eggs

 We were heading over to Grammy's house for dinner and were instructed to bring the boys' baskets... they were beyond excited. This was the best weekend ever they said!

the Swalberg boys

shakey shakey

on a mission for eggs

Christie, Adam, Scott

Elliott- 7 yrs
Oliver- 5 yrs (cool- look at Ollie's green afro!)
Lincoln- 2 yrs
 Most of the eggs were stuffed with coins or bills... Elliott made out with $25!! Ollie $13 and Linc $7. 
That was way more than the 50 cents in change they made at our house...
Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

easter morning

 It's fun now that the boys are getting older... they are so excited for holidays and they talk about them so much before, "We'll have to remember not to go downstairs until you guys wake up- we'll just wait in our room." And "How does the Easter Bunny get in our house? I know- he's a robot huh?" We saw a guy in the cheesiest Easter Bunny outfit outside the pool the other day- kind of tattered and dirty and his face was painted a pale white and he looked like he was 14. Anyway, the boys were a little confused at the guy's getup. I just had to laugh. Whatever happened to the fuzzy, cute bunny?

Let's just say we had a lot of discussions on the true meaning of Easter and how 
great it is that we can be resurrected too and live with our family again forever!

 Linc would pick up an egg and shake, shake, shake. Then he would ask what's inside?

 They found their robot baskets filled in the kitchen. Lucky boys. The night before we hit up Target all together and somehow they got what they picked out there. "How did he know?" I thought E would catch on for sure... but no.
Linc's loot

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