Thursday, February 5, 2015

ollie's first pinewood derby

Ollie had his first pinewood derby and was so excited to race! He also lost his tooth the night before. Adam has made three cars now (lots more to go!) and is getting better at building them. He started this one a few days before the race, when he used to work on them for weeks. My input was I took Ollie to hobby lobby to pick out some stickers, pick up some overpriced weights and bought the wrong paint... Ollie was hoping to get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. 
 Working on the car at breakfast.

Between each heat of cars, the dads would run over to spruce up the cars- ha! Adam is adding graphite to the wheels. There are some good tips online about how to get them fast...
Elliott ran over to tell Ollie he thought he was winning, since he'd been watching the times. 

Ollie's car in first!
Ollie and Dawson

The people running the show said anyone could come to see the race stats afterwards... all the dads were interested. Ollie came to see but had no idea what all the numbers meant I'm sure.

These two make a great team.

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