Friday, October 30, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

Candy crafts have been made...
{and eaten.}
Pumpkins have been carved...

And lit...
Elliott wanted the howling wolves...
Ollie wanted skull and cross bones.
Posed by the giant pumpkin at the elementary. (We were there for the parade.)
The ghosties have been hung.
And the candy has been bought. {And eaten.} And bought again. Bring on Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's almost Halloween! I'm excited to see everyone's pics, so don't forget to take some. (Seriously- who would forget such a thing?) If you need some ideas from the 19th century- be sure to click HERE. (Photo editing from it's fast, free and my favorite part- easy!!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Evil Genius

Little Oliver. Dubbed the "evil genius" by the neighbor boys- (because he's seems so cute, but can be a little stinker too) he is such a funny little fellow. He makes us laugh all day. He definitely knows how to throw a tantrum- many a day in fact. But he's just a character. He makes us happy and I think Adam is vicariously living a blonde, straight hair dream through him since he frowns on a haircut for him... Please enjoy these pics- (Don't miss the Ollie quotes at the bottom.)

Self Portrait

Funniest self portrait EVER!

(Above) Evil genius at work...

Ollie's signature dance move.

Glad we're getting our money's worth out of this costume- although we should probably wash it before the big day.

His poor little lungs can't take colds- it always turns to croup. So we get to use this all winter for treatments. I was NOT looking forward to the all night coughing- so I was really relieved to get this for him.

Why was he sticking his head in the leaf pile? I'm not sure- but his hair found a friend (below).

Yesterday Ollie wanted to play with a shark in this tub of water. Pretty soon his shirt was soaked so he took it off. Next he wanted to put his feet in, so I rolled up his pants. And later he called me in and I saw this:
A mini bathtub. Then of course he got cold so he had to go into the big bathtub, which he had already been in that morning. Crazy boy.

Elliott was doing his homework the other night, so Ollie was coloring next to him while I made dinner. I hear a little Ollie voice ask, "Do I have something on my face?"
Yes. Yes you do. A blue goatee and mustache. We love this little guy- he for sure keeps us on our toes. Which to me means, we never know if he will make us laugh or make us crazy, but we love him all the same.
Ollie Quotes (I love hearing what his little 3 1/2 year old mind is thinking) :

"Look at that muddle!" (mud puddle)

"I want a chunk of crackers."

"My tongue has a headache!"

A cucumber we picked from the garden broke in half and Ollie said, " I guess we have to tape it back together."

We were deciding what to put in our strawberry shakes and Ollie said, "Grapes and yogurt and popsicles."

I said, "I need a snack!"
Ollie said, "I need a hundred and million snacks okay?"

"It's not gold- it's sil-a-ver."

"Wouldn't it be so cool if we lived at the Cochran candy store?" (Our neighbors sell candy in the summer.)

"I wish we had a flying couch. Then we could fly straight out of the garage!... But then how would we pick up Elliott?"

"I want to make jello. How 'bout tomato jello?"

"Mommy! I want this crazy shirt off of me!" (He calls church shirts crazy...)

"I like your house Mama."

"I like your.... you really should paint your fingernails and toenails..."

"I'm as thirsty as a planet, or a rocket, or an earth, or a big branch."

"Mommy- I'm so hungry, I feel like I'm dead."

"I want cheese with fries stuck to it."

"Oh! That's tanstick!!" You mean fantastic? "No, tanstick."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

7 months

Lincoln is 7 months! Here are some of
our favorite things about our baby...
{His smile}
{He tastes EVERYTHING}
{Dressing him in little tiny baby clothes} This shirt makes him look like a little Finnish baby to me.
{His chubby, squishy, lovable thighs}
{He loves his brothers}
{His big eyes.} We think they're still changing but right now they are hazel...
{His eyebrows.} He got a bug bite in this pic so it's kind of funny, but his eyebrows make me laugh all the time. So expressive.

He's lucky that he gets to see his brothers while we drive. Oliver holds his hand the whole time (whether baby likes it or not!)
{His soft baby skin. Oh so kissable!!}
Here are some festive pics from yesterday:

Lincoln looks so big in the up close pics and I wanted to show that he's still a little baby. Yep- milking it while I can. (Ollie's face is a whole other blog post.)

Notice his two bottom teeth are in? I love it- but they make him look so different- and big. He changes everyday. He's talking a little bit more, but not much. He loves sitting up- with no help from me- the second he's done eating so he can see what's going on. He still giggles when he sees our cat and when I help him pet her. He also giggles when I give him the baby ipod with the music playing. He loves to be toted around all day and he loves his naps. It's fun to see when people talk to him (young women, neighbors, kids, whoever) and he will lean into them to be held. He doesn't mind who it is- just seems curious about everyone. We love our little Linc.
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