Sunday, January 25, 2009


We are getting so excited for the baby to come. (2 months left!!) The big question is who he will look like...
Will he be in the brown eyed, brown hair club?
Or the blonde, blue eye group? (I never realized how different mine and Ollie's eyes are!)

Any predictions?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Walking with Dinosaurs

Last week we decided to take the boys to a dinosaur show. It had HUGE dinos that looked and walked exactly like they would have. They had every kind too- I just forgot to take pictures until the T-Rexes. The boys were in heaven. Adam's Dad and sister Christie came with us. 
Christie, Elliott and Steve

They had a narrator down with the dinos. You can see how small he was. Later- Ollie told me his favorite part was when the mommy and baby T-Rex kissed. (And they both loved the part where the dino pooped a huge ball. In fact I think they remember that the most and remind me often.)
This is how Ollie watched the show.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Questions

Yesterday Elliott was playing with tinker toys and was making everything from robots to dinosaurs. For a while he was making things for a caveman, like a tent, a campfire- even a car.  So today we were driving and from the back I hear Elliott's little voice, "Mommy, were you a caveman?"

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Revisited

I wanted to post these pictures from our week early Christmas- even though it is out of order for now. We had it early at Grammy's house since they were going out of town to be with Amy- who was having her baby a few days later. The boys were SO surprised that Santa came for a visit and even gave all of us a present! 
Ollie, Elliott, Christie, Santa and Megs

With Aunt Christie singing, "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer."

I know these are great pictures of us, but just wanted to show we took a turn too.

Elliott was a little more serious with Santa. Santa told him to try and be a little nicer to Ollie and it looked like he was going to cry for a few seconds there...
I love Ollie checking out the big man. He wanted to keep telling Santa stories...

A doctor kit from Grammy and Grandpa! He loves to do routine check-ups on Mommy and always has to wear the little blue glasses before he starts. So cute. 
Elliott found this big one with his name on it, so he got on and waited patiently until he could open it. 
The flying turtle!
After presents we made gingerbread trains and sleighs. What a fun night! Thanks Grammy and Grandpa!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Saturday in Pleasantville

Fresh squeezed orange juice. Loving the fruit of the season...

Elliott always likes to  help.
(Love Elliott's juicy fingers in this one!)
Just had to try squeezing the last pieces by his own hands- I was fine with it as long as it was in his cup...
Mmmmm- fresh and tasty.

And Friday night's bitter storm left us these beauties- kind of like a rainbow after the rain.

While I was out snapping a photo, I discovered our sled that has been lost and buried from the huge storm before... yay!

The boys learned a new way to carry all of their cars from one place to another...
The mountains were there to greet me every time I looked out the sliding glass door in my kitchen- just like every day. They look so majestic all covered in snow... and that blue sky...

After a few errands, a nap and a little Wii Fit-  what's better than finishing off a pleasant day at Chuck-a-Rama with a few friends?
Little Lukas, Carrie, Abby, Rich, Grant, Adam, Collin, Cam (Court), Carrie, Little Ari, Ollie and Elliott.
Carrie, Grant, Carrie, Cam, Ari, Ollie, Adam, Elliott, Rich and Abby. 

Ahhh Pleasantville.
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