Tuesday, January 29, 2013

disney iphone

I went a little picture happy on our Disneyland trip.
But we hadn't been in three years and Linc didn't even remember it.
So I took lots.
These are the last of them though- the ones from my phone...
Adam waited in the looong Dole whip line a couple of times for us- our favorite pineapple treat.
Dreaming of this right now!
Cousins Linc and Collin
Cousins- Kenzie and Elliott
cousins and cotton candy
This is how these two stayed busy in the lines- tickly secrets.

Disneyland Daddy- Linc is fake sleeping because he hates pictures sometimes.
Me and the boysies- 8 1/2 months pregnant!
Finding Nemo submarine ride

Only dads play this trick
Jungle River Cruise

Autopia Cars

Linc wanted (demanded) to wear these Disneyland sweats every day after we bought them on the first day because of an accident while he was napping in the stroller. It was so hot, but he wouldn't wear his shorts- he'd just pull up his sweats. Silly boy.

ducky friends

We took some of these pics while Ollie and Adam were on the roller coasters...
Elliott got to sit on the front of the boat for the Storybook Land ride.
Adam and his mini-me
Star Tours ride
sword in the stone

Buzz Lightyear ride

The new CARS ride- so fun!
Tarzan's treehouse
We watched the fireworks from our hotel.
At Corona Del Mar beach.

shuttle ride to the airport
On the tarmac at Long Beach airport (this was actually on the way in.)
On the airplane Linc requested (demanded) to sit by Ollie... Ollie was very patient and helped Linc with whatever he needed. (I tried keeping them busy with suckers... but they really only licked them for a few minutes.) 
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