Friday, September 28, 2012

snow cones

Who would have thought a cheap snow cone machine could bring so much joy to little boys?
They love getting it out and setting up shop to make a few quarters each.
Suddenly our front yard is filled with every kid on the street.
Setting up a booth and selling things is somewhat of a right of passage as a kid right?
Elliott has made lots of signs, that all seem to get wet and ruined by the time they clean up.
Eventually, we laminated one of his very best writing and work and use it over and over.
He is very proud of his sign. (starting above)
one of his un-laminated signs
 Of course those running the stand get first dibs- in this case brothers and cousins.
And free refills for sure.
But after that the kids come out of nowhere and fill up our yard.
My favorite is when the moms come to chat.

Another right of passage- flower/leaf soup.
I think this one is pretty.

who needs water?

These guys make me laugh!
We were testing boats/floaties out for size and they had so much fun playing in them.
Who needs water?

watching cartoons

 Elliott's special chair.
 Linc had to have a pillow too.
 And now Ollie is in the pillow club...
Linc just loves our kitty so much- but she is SO big. 
This is him trying to hold and snuggle her.
These were a few months ago and now he can finally pick her up while he is standing-
I'll have to get a picture of that next.

eating out

 This was the night we ate outside with a great view of Mount Timpanogas in the background.
We were right off state street in A.F. but it was a great spot!
It's also the night we found out J.C.W's has great side salads for really cheap.
 Family size oreo shake to share.

I think the boys liked watching the cars as much as I liked watching the sun set on the mountains.

summer cherries

 I am finally recapping our summer with all these posts!

These are the cherries we ended up with from our tree- amazing right?
Especially since we only had like six the year before.
It grows a couple different kinds because it's a hybrid, so the yellow ones were ripe too. 

snuggle time

 It is so funny to think of how Lincoln was the most un-snuggly baby around.
His whole body was stiff for the first six weeks, which was so different from Ollie who just molded his little chubby body to mine from the second he was born (and still does- he's the snuggle man.)
And then he's always been so busy!

Anyway- things have changed with Lincoln.
I thought he was done napping after he learned to crawl out of his crib.
It seemed like a fight every day, so I just let him stay up, only to have one sad kid at dinner time.

After a while in the quiet afternoons, I would lay down on the couch for a rest and let him watch a show by me. And he would fall asleep! Pretty soon every afternoon it was him asking to take a nap.
"I'm really tired mom, let's go lay down."

That's when he becomes the most snuggly Lincoln Bear ever.
He has to be touching my face or puts his legs on my back.
Then he tells me stories or jabbers until I fall asleep and eventually him. It's always me first I think. 
I know this won't last forever, so I wanted to remember our cuddly days before he gets too big and cool for snuggling and naps. 

What a little sweetheart.

summer fountains

The waterfall by the Pie pizza place in South Jordan is perfect for after dinner wading.
We tried to let the kids just dip their toes in, but that never quite works...
What a fun place- in the summer and winter, as an ice skating rink.

Brother-in-laws- Adam and Brian

we were laughing so hard at Ollie's shorts

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Ollie and Dawson
 Ollie has played both spring and fall soccer- he just loves it so much.
These are from his last spring game and award party.
(Sadly I haven't taken any this season...)
Each kid got a medal and Coach Josh made awards for everyone (or perhaps his wife?)
They are great coaches and we feel lucky to have had them for the last three seasons.
Grandpa and Lincoln in the sudden downpour

I think soccer uniforms are so cute. Is it just me? 

Tadeo, Preston, Ollie

Half-time with brothers

 There was a HUGE downpour with the biggest raindrops for a straight five minutes. 
Ollie and the rest of the team that was out hid under a blanket.
It was so hot right before the rain, so it cooled us right off.

 Getting his medal and the "Rock Solid Defense" award.

Dawson, Jason, Ollie

Benny came to lots of Ollie's games so him and Elliott could play at the park. 

root beer floats

Good job Ollie!
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