Friday, July 30, 2010

settebello anyone?

I'll admit- I have been a slacker in the dinner making department this summer. (And if we're really being honest- it's been longer than that.) My plan is to start fresh in the fall. When warm foods sound good again.

So when somehow we ended up without plans for the night of the 24th, and I wasn't willing to cook, Adam said he ONLY felt like Settebello pizza, so we drove downtown. It was worth it.
And conveniently located next door is a yummy gelato place. (I always have room for gelato.)
Lincoln's latest move is to put his hands behind his back when you feed him something. Pleasant, isn't he?

Elliott snagged a scoop of everyone's to make an E original.

It was such a nice night that we ate our gelatos on the grass outside. We could hear people wondering about where to eat as they walked by. I wanted to grab them and tell them how lovely and delicious Settebello's is- but I know it's not for everyone. (But it is for us.)
Has anyone read, "Eat, Pray, Love" yet? She describes the pizza at Settebello's perfectly. Except she's in Naples, Italy- apparently the birth place of pizza. So if you want a taste of Italy...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

silver lake

On Saturday, Adam and his friend Mark took a 200 mile motorcycle ride to visit an old Utah ghost town. So Mark's wife Tisha and I took our kids on a little adventure to Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood canyon. It was beautiful! I'm so glad we went. The weather was perfect, it wasn't too crowded and the kids had lots of fun climbing and discovering (if only we'd found a salamander to hold!)
And Tisha was lots of fun to hang out with too! We haven't really gotten together very much- but I've followed her blog for a long time- so it almost feels like we're old friends. Look- you really can be friends with your blogging buddies in real life! :)

Linc is very determined to get down to the water and the ducks- maybe if I stick my foot through here and my head through here...

There were lots of little trails and places to climb just off the boardwalk path.

Tisha and McKinley
Me and the boys.
One worn out Linc.
P.S. This hike was just one mile total- around the lake- so perfect for families. I think I might go on a Sunday drive up the canyon (also beautiful) and go on this little walk again sometime. If you want to go: drive 14 miles up big cottonwood, end at Brighton ski resort. On your right is a parking lot with signs for the Silver Lake trail head. You can hook on to some other trails that take you out further to some other lakes too.

Friday, July 23, 2010

happy 24th

Happy 24th of July everyone! (I can't believe the month is almost over!) Here in Utah- we get two holidays to do fireworks, BBQs and just plain celebrating in July. We celebrate the pioneers tomorrow- and the sacrifice they made to come across the plains. Hope you have a great one!
P.S. Look closer at Linc's glasses for a cool sky shot!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

school supply high

I get so excited when stores start stocking the shelves with school supplies! I just want to get one of everything. There's nothing like a new box of crayons or markers. And the notebooks and folders are so cute. Am I alone in my love for this?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

make your own robots

All these boys. They just keep asking to make robots. So I finally looked it up online and there are lots with little motors (which I don't seem to have on hand) and some other really crappy ones. I decided we would come up with our own. We recycled some pudding, cake and granola bar boxes and just started wrapping.
Then the boys decorated them with sharpies.

And here are their own little robots! (The arms and hands are even kind of moveable- a must have for the boys.) Elliott's has an x-ray on his belly so you can see inside.
Ollie's has treadmill feet like Wall-e.
And Benny's has a mouth that can open and close with rocket feet.

Friday, July 16, 2010

the climber

Linc has a little hobby called climbing. He isn't our first climber, but he might be our busiest. It is hard to keep up with him. Really. But I'm glad he's a busy, happy boyby. Yep. You heard right- I've just coined the phrase "boyby" because he acts like a little boy, but he's still a baby. How come I've never heard it before? Maybe because it's just weird... hehe.

Climbing up into the playhouse...

...climbing up OUT of the playhouse!!!
Helping himself to a gogurt.
At the Highland splash park I was scared for him. He only wanted to be on top of the rocks, but there were big kids who wanted to be there too... you never know when they'll accidentally push him over.

I was in the other room and heard desperate baby cries and this is what I found. He was ready to let go, poor guy. (I guess that didn't stop me from taking a pic now did it?)
Standing on the shirley j soup can. He knows where the snacks are. We try to keep this door closed, but I end up picking (lots of) stuff up at least 5 times a day. Therefore- I can't take the blame for not cleaning up the spilled cereal that you see here. (How embarrassing.) The funny thing is, he hasn't learned to climb out of his crib yet- but I'm sure it's coming. And he can climb on the toilet and up on the counter or the back of the toilet so fast. He turns on the water and puts his feet in (or whatever's on the counter.) I'll put him down and he'll be back up in 2.5 seconds.
Linc also likes to clean out my drawers and cupboards. What a little helper.
He's also been known to do a little of this from time to time. (But what kid doesn't?)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

P Mc

The long awaited Paul McCartney concert finally arrived- and thanks to Adam's parents- we got to go!! It was one exciting night. We kept having to pinch ourselves to say that, yes, this was really happening. We were really watching a real life Beatle! In person! And he was quite the performer. Rocking out and everything- at age 69! He was talking to the crowd, telling stories and joking. Funny guy. My favorite was he kept reading the signs people had written and one said, "Paul- you're in Utah- marry us?" and he said, (in his English accent I might add) "Well...ALL of you?" He would introduce every song and tell about it, and then after he'd hold up the guitar for a while for people to see- all pretty famous and so, so many of them! Adam was in complete heaven since he's a fan of music gear. And the guy played for 3 hours! And came out for 2 encores. It was amazing! Oh yeah- he had P Mc on his drums and I liked it because it's my Dad's (and nephew's) initials exactly.
Our sweet seats on the floor! (Christie and Scott and Steve and Karen below.)

Our whole neighborhood happened to be there- Laura, Sini, Jason, Rach, Adam, John- who was doing security and let us see the playlist, Jackie and Ron. Ron is Adam's music buddy who lives a couple of doors down- this was his 5th McCartney show. He brought all of his kids. They are all huge Beatles fans too. And thanks Jason and Rach for letting us spend your 9th anniversary with you- sorry it was just burgers...

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