Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rainy Days

I have loved all of this rainy weather. I heard the weather person say that 13 out of the 16 days of June had been rainy. That is crazy for Utah! I have always loved summer rainstorms though- so for me it's been great. I love the smell and the warm winds and even the sound of thunder. The boys have had fun and only Elliott has complained a little that he can't ride his bike. 

He thought it was funny to run in the rain with his umbrella. Silly boy.

Playing in the gutter. I don't see too many kids doing this now, but it's what I did when I was little- so I still get excited for the boys. We get the popsicle sticks ready for boats and when the rain lets up, we go out until there isn't enough water anymore. 

I couldn't believe Ollie was so timid with this puddle. Everywhere we go (including church) he will find the tiniest puddle and splash in it. He is a little scared of the thunder and there was lots going on in this storm.

My flowerbeds have been loving it too.
Here's Ollie in his "blanket clothes" after we came in. He kept asking if it looked like his blanket was his clothes.
We've seen a few rainbows too. The boys get so excited to see them.
Here's Elliott looking at the rainbow to get the exact colors for his picture. 

I love rainbows too. This one was a double. It will be cool to see all of our lakes full this summer from all of the rain!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

two loves tuesday

(Why can't veggies taste like fruit? I always get my fruit servings in....)



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shark Teeth

So Elliott's permanent front bottom teeth grew in without his baby teeth falling out. Shark teeth. The baby ones weren't even loose and the dentist wanted to pull them out. Since I have an inside with the dentistry profession now (my brother in law, Cody is a pediatric dentist, but lives in Indiana) I thought I'd ask if that's what he would do. He gave me some info straight from the handbook that said it's okay to leave them in for a while and they might get loose on their own, and then their tongue would eventually push the permanent ones forward. 

So E was scheduled to get them out and get a filling repaired. I called to let them know we would be holding off on pulling the teeth but we would still be there for the filling. I had also scheduled Ollie for his very first dentist appointment. On the way to the dentist E asked if they were going to pull his teeth and I told him no, we were going to wait. So as I was filling out the paperwork for O, they took E back. I decided to go with Ollie a few min later since it was his first time. Ollie was very brave and in the middle of his cleaning, in walks E with bloody gauze in his mouth. I was kind of in shock. He kept saying- "I was really brave mommy- I didn't even cry." I felt sooo bad- like I had lied to him! 

As I was paying the girl who took the phone call to cancel the extractions (and who I knew from an old job) she said, "Oh you decided to take them out after all?" I said, "Uhhhh, no." She got these big eyes and was telling me it was written on the paperwork to not do it. I just said it was okay and I would probably eventually have them pulled anyway. But there was a frenzy in the office and before I knew it the office manager talked to the dentist and they decided not to charge for it. I wanted to at least pay for half... but they wouldn't let me. So in the end- I saved $200 and Elliott got his teeth out. 

I think the moral of this story is- go with your kid to the chair if they are getting work done. Which I still don't know how I'm going to do with the bunch of them, but I'll figure it out. 

Elliott looks so different with missing teeth- even though the others are there already...;) And he was glad to get them out so he could get a visit from the tooth fairy. He was telling me he was going to hide them and see if she could find them. I told him it wasn't a great idea because she was in a big hurry and wouldn't have time to search. He left the little box in plain sight on his night stand and got two shiny gold dollars. I can't believe he's growing up so fast! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

two loves tuesday

Strawberry shakes 
(This one has a banana and peach added too.)
Adam's short hair.
Adam had just finished mowing the lawn so the boys came to relax with their strawberry shakes. Too bad Adam doesn't share the love...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Lincoln's Blessing Day

Adam gave Lincoln a beautiful blessing on Sunday. Here he is in his suit. Adam wore this when he was a baby and so did Elliott and Oliver. So cute.

Afterwards we had a yummy lunch and chatted with everyone. It was a lovely day. 

Oh yeah- had to add in this pic of Adam and my bro-in-law, Brian playing with the giant transformers... ;)

Friday, June 5, 2009

splashy fun

We ended a day at the Children's Museum by playing in the fountains at Gateway. This is the first time the boys got wet- usually they are so timid about it.

Ollie, Elliott and Benny.

Addie would hide right behind Ollie so she wouldn't get splashed- it was so cute!
I had to take this picture of the boys at the food court. If Elliott does something (like touch this flag) then Ollie wants to do it too. I looked over to see E helping Ollie out. I guess having a brother really does mean always having a friend. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cousins= mischief??

Look how cute these little Swalberg cousins are- Elliott, Kenzie and Ollie. 

Later on I rounded the corner to find this:
Our whole coat closet was torn out and thrown on the ground. I guess it did need to be cleaned out anyway...

We love visits from little Kenzie. She says the most grown up things in her little three year old voice!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Graduate

It's hard to believe that Elliott is done with preschool forever. It's on to Kindergarten next year- which makes me a little bit sad. But he is so excited for it. He had such a great teacher this year- Miss Jodi, who lives just a few doors away from us. He loved it so much, he even wanted to go on his off days.
Sweet Miss Jodi
Grapevine Preschool- Class of 2009. Yes- Elliott is a head taller than everyone except Jacob...
Love that Ollie's little legs are shown in the background climbing up the playset during the program...

I thought this picture was funny- it's actually the start of a video. Right when I pushed record, E did this to his neighbor's balloon. I'm sure he wasn't like this during class... except Miss Jodi did tell me he might have thought that wrestling was a part of the curriculum...
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