Tuesday, October 14, 2014

fall bonfire

Will & Linds
 We finally made it up the canyon last night, with the fall leaves in all their colorful splendor! 
Megs was in town from California too, so it was nice to hang out with her. It was perfectly chilly, dry and full of family. The perfect autumn night!
 Franky was so happy to run around and always had a stick, rock or leaf in his hands.

Stella Jane

 Brian got the fire started. 
 Megs, who is due with her 2nd in 4 months and Linds.
Ollie and Benny

Addie is always playing with Franky- cute little cousins!

 Tasting the leaf... to his dismay.

 Cute Gabby who kept telling everyone that she was 4 1/2 instead of her real age- 3 1/2. :)
Ben, Elliott, Ollie, Gabby

 Grandpa and Grammy with Grayson and Stella. 
 Pretty fall colors!

Baby Grayson.
Elli and Linds

 Family totem pole.

 Franky wanted to go, go, go!

 Blending in with the leaves...

I love your seasons, Utah! 
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