Tuesday, January 27, 2015

after christmas shenanigans 2014

The week after Christmas is the best, isn't it? We had family in town, so we got to meet up with them quite often, but during Franky's nap times and all the times between, we loved playing with our family and fun toys. Here is Elliott with his Lego Star Wars Sand Crawler-- 3,296 pieces! He loved putting it together! He also loved that it took longer than a day to put together.
Ollie and Linc wanted to have a sleepover, and were so excited to fall asleep.
I went it to check on them and take a pic, and the flash stirred them and they moved like this- ha!

Ollie kept bumping the wall really hard, so we finally went in and moved him back to his top bunk. :)
Suki the cat! I don't have any pictures with my pretty kitty, even though she is constantly on my lap and following me around. She is ten years old now, and we love her in our family! Since she is a little older, she sleeps most of the day and prefers to sleep on Elliott's bed, day and night. He is the sweetest to her and always has been. I don't let her sleep on my bed... She is SO big and fluffy. We love her.
The boys took these pictures- and some turned out funny/alright. 

I asked Linc to take this one of the shoes- boys shoes everywhere, but they pretty much stick to one pair, so it keeps things simple I guess.

Here is Adam, playing an old school nintendo. He set it up the week before Christmas and the boys were so into it. Linc was playing it right after opening presents. 
We loved hanging out at Grammy's house with everyone. 

I took this using my phone as a remote- so cool to have a wireless camera now! 
Megs, Tanner, Baby Grayson, Christie, Linc, Ollie, Ames, Will Elliott, Grammy, Grandpa, Kenzie, Cody, Collin, Adam, Franky and me.

Franky and Kate are only 5 months apart, but Kate is so tiny. Cutest thing ever!
Will making some kid crafts we brought over. We also made snowflakes from tissue paper.

The days after New Years, we all got sick. We had colds the whole break and were just getting over them when we were hit with a worse cold- a hacking cough that just wouldn't stop. We ended up sleeping the weekend away and buying more humidifiers. On top of the horrible coughs, Linc and Ollie were throwing up. It was the worst. Adam took care of us. He was running to the store and the doctor... he was a trooper too. 

Elliott didn't get sick, although, he brought the cough home the first time I think. But that was weeks before this. 

Linc's tongue hurt to eat anything, so a friend dropped by popsicles (along with other things like soup, vix, and gatorade). 

My little Linc was finally feeling better. I had him pose for some pictures outside so I could test my new camera. He is a cutie.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

snowshoeing at tibblefork

The day after Christmas we went snowshoeing at Tibblefork in American Fork Canyon.
It was sooo cold. But once we got moving we were fine. 
The boys did pretty good on the way out, but Franky wanted me to hold him in my arms on the way back. Beautiful day!
Franky was BUNDLED to the max.
Pretty frozen snowflake crystals.
Uncle Tanner and Stella came with us too!

Elliott, Adam, Franky, Sini, Ollie and Linc

Elliott tested the ice and fell in!!!!! Only up to his ankles, but I wasn't happy about it! I was helping Franky get situated and didn't realize he was doing it. I had to stop him from breaking through some more ice after this! 
Sweet Franky boy.
We threw ice chunks and snowballs on the ice in the middle of the lake and it made the coolest sound! You'll have to try it for yourself someday!

Tanner and Baby Stella
Adam and Baby Frank

Elliott was thinking about his favorite Lego set at home that day I think, he wasn't his usual happy hiking self. I get it. This was my happy place though. I guess that's what families are about right? Compromise.
It was fun hiking right through the low river with our snowshoes, but Linc found his own way across.

Ollie was sure to point out all this pretty snow art. 


Elliott- waiting for us to make our way back- haha.
Ollie was the superstar that day- great attitude all day! 
Cute Stella!
We had Ollie snap this picture of us. Love my guy and that he likes to adventure with me!
It was a beautiful drive through the canyon!
Franky was worn out and looked so cute in snow bibs and boots!

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