Sunday, July 29, 2012


I am heading off to girls camp this week and feel so bad because my kids are sick!
And I'm a little sick.
We all have a cold, some worse than others- I'm on the mild side.
I feel horrible leaving them, but they'll be spending time with their grandparents, auntie and Daddy.
They will have so much fun- even while coughing.
Just wish I could take care of them until they were better!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

father/son campout

 Early in the summer, Adam took the boys on a 
campout with other people in our neighborhood/church.

It was basically someone's private property in Fountain Green 
with a pond stocked full of fish-- talk about a perfect place for the boys!

I was glad Adam snapped some pics. 

I look forward to this Friday night every year to have a night to myself.
After they left, I got a massage and then went with my sister to my favorite restaurant Carrabba's.
Then we wandered around Target kidless- heaven!
By the time I came back from my errands on Saturday, Adam had unpacked all the gear, washed all the boys clothes and given them baths. Gees- I felt spoiled!

The boys had lots of fun and lots of stories to tell. 
This is the weekend when Adam misses our old neighbor 
Jason the most- his bosom buddy on these campouts.


Elliott the tree climber

Saturday, July 21, 2012

cutest pet?

Mr. Toad is turning out to be such a fun little pet.
Still alive-- might I add-- after we found him a month ago on 
a camping trip and my boys (and SIL) talked me into taking him home.

He is pretty dang cute and loves to hop around in our yard and bury 
himself in the flowerbeds and eat  ants and other bugs from our garden.

Elliott especially loves taking him outside in rainstorms so he can jump in the puddles.

His newly upgraded bigger cage is in Elliott's room where he usually eats giant crickets.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wilco at Red Butte

We rushed home from the family reunion to unload our camping gear, 
shower and head back out to the Wilco concert at Red Butte Gardens!
Adam was already there saving us a good spot. 
(He left the reunion a day before us so he could go to work.)

I took the boys into the garden while we waited between the opening band.
It was gorgeous!

The boys were making me laugh so hard with this headband.


Another great show!!

Here's Wilco playing three songs if you want to hear them.
It's kind of long so maybe turn it up really loud and go clean your house for 18 minutes while it plays?

Monday, July 16, 2012

family reunion day 2

The second day of our family reunion was just as hot!
I love these little adventuresome boys.

Adam and Ollie were intent on catching another fish since they did so fast the first night-- no such luck.

Linc and Addie- two peas in a pod.
Finding little swimming bugs.

Uncle Brian rented a paddle boat for everyone to use!

Uncle Brian taking a break while the boys tote him around.

Great leg workout!
Poor Lincoln Bear was exhausted, so we took him on a drive to see our old college romping town of Ephraim while he slept in the air-conditioned car. We put him on the blanket in the shade when we got back. I think it was still close to 100 in the shade!

My nephew Baby Kai napping in his pack-n-play.
Elli, Ollie, Michelle, Melora, Addie, Will, Elliott & Benny
Every kid loves painting rocks right? 
So glad my neighbors taught this to me a while back- a perfect camping activity.

still sleeping
Mike, Ari, Ollie, Adam & cousin Matt
The big boys letting Ollie play bocce ball.

 McEntire Fam playing "Step to the Line"
It was hard to get everyone to play at first- but it was fun 
and I think we learned fun things about our family. 
i.e. Most of us love fish!

Uncle Wayne's turn. 
Such a cool guy.
The kids played in the water until sunset- another beautiful one.
First it was golden and then it just kept getting more beautiful. 
I'm a sucker.

Benny & Elliott

Linc and Addie playing with an ant hill in the pjs.

Benny & Ollie

A beautiful, fun day!
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