Sunday, March 1, 2015

Franky's 2nd birthday!

We had so much fun celebrating sweet Franky's 2nd birthday on Feb 11th!

We had practiced for weeks before for his birthday, I would sing 'Happy Birthday' and then we'd pretend to blow out the candles. He was so excited to blow them out, and the video is so adorable of him blowing and blowing, but his lips were pointing down so he couldn't get the candles out. He got a little help in the end and was so proud and happy. He loved getting sung to and the claps afterward.

With fun Uncle Brian!
These cute cousins get to play three times a week while Christie teaches and I help in Lincoln's kindergarten class- Franky and Grayson. Franky is always saying, "See! See!" so I'll show him the pic.


Linc's face! Eric and Tagen gave this night light that Franky loves. Linc has one too, and loves it.

Maybe Franky looks a little like me?

This is how it is when these two are together- they both want to play with the same toys and do the same thing. Fun having two littles in my lap. :)

Scott, Christie, Gabby, Grayson

Tagen, Franky and Finnley
With Grandpa Steve

Fist bump.
Tagen, Eric and Finnley
Franky loves Grammy and Grandpa!

Brian, Linds, Elli, Ben, Addie, Will and Franky- his second family. :)

We love our sweet Franky boy. He even gets to come on our dates sometimes because he's just so sweet and cute. 

Pajama boy.

He is getting big. I don't want him to grow up yet!

Birthday balloons.
Little look-a-likes.

(Thanks to Ollie for this pic.)

Happy 2nd Franky!
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