Monday, January 31, 2011

boring photo post

 Last Monday morning while we were in Midway, I woke up early (before Adam had to leave for work) to go test my new camera on the beautiful earth.
 I drove around for a little bit, but the sun was slow coming up and I had to be back so Adam could leave...
 but it finally came! And it made the world so glorious! (Amazing what a little light can do.)

 (one of my faves)

 Back at the condo I found evidence of a few deer visitors just outside the door.
 And nature's cool sculptures.

 And finally the steaming stream and glittery snow.

 I was glad I woke up and froze my buns off. I think a photographer (which I'm not) has an extra sense to see the beauty in everything- even the little things. I'm a wannabe for sure.

 Little twiggy trapped in ice.

Friday, January 28, 2011

midway getaway

 While our house is looking like this (no toilets except the basement, and no kitchen appliances and tile installing going on)- we decided to head up to Midway to stay in the Swalberg condo. We love it up there!!! The boys especially, but Adam and I always ask ourselves why we don't go up more often...
 This is the view out the front door- amazing right?

 The boys were VERY excited to have this GIANT icicle just outside their window. They fell asleep looking at it every night.
 Of course we did a little swimming, the boys would have gone twice a day if we let them, and I wouldn't mind if I didn't have to wash my hair twice a day. No matter how hard I try to keep it dry, 3 boys are much too splashy.

 I love the big beautiful windows at the pool. Someday, I'll have more windows in my house...

 We did a little exploring...

 And of course got some gelato from across the street. Pineapple and Mango were my picks for the day- yum.

 But mostly we just lazed around the condo all weekend. It was nice. We all can't help but feel a little more bonded as a family after trips to the condo- that must be why we love it so.
And we will never go to Midway without stopping by our favorite Mexican restaurant- Tarahumara. (Even the kids cheese quesadillas are delicious.)
 We also went to the Midway ice castles and drove past them a lot. Fun!

 We decided to stay through Monday afternoon since the grout was going in the tile that day, so Adam left to work while we played and cleaned (and by that I mean the boys played while I cleaned...and Linc took a nap.)

Until next time, condo that we love... 
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