Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Ollie!

Happy 4th Birthday to our sweet little Ollie today! He is such a sweet, funny little snuggler! We love having him in our family!
Born: February 28th, 2006 -9 lbs 12 oz

Newborn (above and below)

6 months (above and below)

1 year (above and below)
2 years (above and below)

3 years (above and below)

4 years

Ollie is loving his preschool class and loves to say letters and write his name. This was the first time I saw him write his name so well- I had to take a picture! Happy day sweet boy!

Friday, February 26, 2010

11 months

Linc is 11 months today! I can see his little babyhood slipping through my fingers like water. He is growing more handsome every day and looks just like Elliott and Adam's baby pictures. (Me and Ollie have our own club going on.) Linc is so very independent. He is on the move all day every day. Here's Linc at 11 months:
The boys.
He's always climbing (and getting stuck) inside things. He is such a smiler too!
I love this little studious face. He was checking our neighbor boy Daxton out the other day with this same look- for like 5 minutes straight- we were laughing so hard!
His eyes look brown since they are dark, but they are still kind of hazel. I love them. So far our kids' eyes are very brown, very blue and hazel.

Linc loves his baths so much! I usually put all three boys together and he loves touching everyones soapy hair, playing with bath toys and splashing!!!

Little Linc can hold his own with the cousins. He is so funny. They are all so good to him.
I have so many pics with this walker because he always has it! He loves being mobile. He can stand for a little bit by himself and walks when he holds my hand with one of his- but it will be a bit before he's walking alone.

This is Linc-E's favorite spot. We need a covered garbage!!!
The multi-tasker. He loves carrying stuff in his mouth while he crawls around or walks with his walker. He loves to taste EVERYTHING!

His eight baby teeth are so big and so white- I love it!

I missed him so much while we were on our cruise. I cried while I drove away from Adam's parent's house where we dropped him off. He got so much love there though. (And lots of food.)

Our happy little crawler. Chub roll anyone? Mmmm.
First sucker!
Playing outside with the boys.

He loves his sippy! We skipped the bottle and went straight to this when I left for our trip. (Ollie took these pictures from his carseat.)

Longing to play with the big boys.
He loves to empty my cupboards and drawers.
Waving to Daddy as he pulls in from work.

Lincoln loves his binkie and blankie. He still loves his naps and bedtime. He wakes up in the night still- habit from all of those feedings in the night he has had his entire life. When he's eating meals he cries if you don't have the next bite ready to go the second he swallows a bite. He loves to wrestle on the floor. He babbles- with his only real word being "Da Da." When we read books he babbles in his "book voice" it's funny to hear. Changing his diaper is IMPOSSIBLE! He hates being stopped for something so trivial and most the time ends up wiggling away or upside down while I hold his feet up. He loves having drinks of my water bottle. He would love to play with the boys in their room all day. And he just started dancing the other day. There was some music on tv and I looked over and he was bouncing on his knees and smiling at me. He's done it a few times now. He loves to clap his hands and will raise his arms high when I ask him "Who's so big?" He also gives fives now- thanks to Grammy.

We love our little Linc. He is such a good baby and it's hard for me to let him grow up. I'm not sure why I'm having such a hard time this time- I don't remember this with E and O. I love Linc's little snuggles and then he is off in pursuit of something else. Somehow every night when I cook dinner he is wrapped around my legs begging to be picked up. He always likes to see what's going on. Our happy little 11 month old Linc.
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