Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crazy, Busy, Fun- Weeks in review...

So I've had a crazy but fun couple of weeks, and I thought I'd write it down so I can look at it during those weeks when I don't do a dang thing except clean up messes, change diapers and wipe noses...
Sat 11/8- Laid sod at a city park. We had an awesome turnout of yw- 12!!! I was so happy and they worked so hard. 
Mon 11/10- Found out we are having another boy. So exciting to know!!! Now we are so excited to see what he looks like, and to get used to a name... Elliott went to a birthday party for Noah from 2:30 until 8 PM. They went to Kangaroo Zoo and then to Wingers- he had so much fun.
Wed 11/12- YW was cancelled because the carpets were cleaned at the church. Grammy and Grandpa took the boys to Disney on Ice, so Adam and I decided to take in a play at Hale Center Theater. It was "Into the Woods" which we watched together back at the Snow College theater 10 years ago. It was fun, but a little long... and I remember it being more funny.
Thurs 11/13- Elliott's field trip to the grocery store. They had lots of fun- even Ollie got in the line behind the preschoolers to walk through the store like a penguin. (Except Ollie told me, "I didn't walk like a penguin, because I didn't want to.") Too cool. 
Fri 11/14- Did some Christmas shopping for the boys. Not much though. We just took Ollie since he had a little cold and Elliott went to the baby-sitting group. Ollie is such a little angel by himself. It's fun to have one on one time with him. It's like he was on a little date with us. 
Sat 11/15- E had Madison's birthday party to go to. She's one of his best friends and lives next door where Noah (his other best friend) used to live. Went to eat and to see Quantum Solace with our friends. It was better than I thought it would be- that lead actor isn't hard to watch- although I don't remember his name. 
Sun 11/16- Meeting before church, taught lesson in Young Womens, had an ice cream party for a new girl coming in at night with all the girls- craziness!
Mon 11/17- Of Montreal concert at the Murray Theater. Met up with Rich, Abby and Grant. Linds came with us too. What a crazy, fun show!!! I have never seen anything like it- but it reminded me of a mix between a circus and a play... Great music.
Tues 11/18- Had our couches cleaned- yay! Enrichment dinner at the church. We had yummy homemade soup and bread from Kneaders. There was a great speaker and a slideshow. Of course I cried. I like to blame it on the pregnancy... Stayed late talking to the girls at my table. I didn't want to leave! 
Wed 11/19- Had a pie party for Young Womens. I had a piece of Bethany's apple- Mmmm. And I'm not usually an apple pie fan. Had our presidency meeting until around 11 PM. 
Thurs 11/20- Sorted canned food at 8:30 AM with the other YW leaders from an earlier "trick or treating for food" activity. (Yes we had only been apart for a few hours...) Our part finally came in so the oven repair guy came and fixed our oven!  THREE weeks and $500 later- we can bake in our oven just in time for Thanksgiving!!! Yay! I made a huge batch of cookies that I had been craving for the last three weeks. At night we took the boys to a play at Lehi High that one of my YW is in. It was "Beauty and the Beast" and the boys LOVED it. Ollie sat in my lap the whole time and loved clapping after the scenes. They both talked about what was happening all the way through it. And it was fun to see Laura in her element...
Fri 11/21- Elliott's 6 month dentist appt. 4 cavities. Need to help him floss more. (Dr. Hughes can never hear about this post.) Haircuts for the boys next door. Dropped the boys off at babysitters and went to Gateway to Christmas shop, visit Abby, and ate at Scone Cutter. Nice and greasy.
Sat 11/22- Adam put christmas lights up on our house. Neighbor kids gathered around to watch. Elliott loved to sit right outside the window on the roof and watch. Dropped our kids off to Uncle Brian and went with Linds, Tanner and Megs to eat at Outback. I have never seen it so slow at that restaurant, but it was because of the Utah/ BYU game. Worked out for us. Went to Coldplay. So great. Two concerts in one week may be normal for Adam- but for me it was crazy! And fun.
Sun 11/23- Meeting after church.
Mon 11/24- Running with the girls in the morning I rolled my foot between the sidewalk and grass. Hurt my foot, skinned my knee and pulled a shoulder muscle. I also like to blame my clumsiness on the pregnancy... Twilight with the girls after the boys are in bed. 
Tues 11/25- Elliott's cavity filling appt. He was so brave and calm... unlike the girl next to him who was screaming. I did run in from the waiting room thinking it was him... Early dinner and Adam has pack meeting. 
Wed 11/26- Dinner with friends. YW cancelled because of Thanksgiving.
Thurs 11/27- Thanksgiving with my family. Let the holidays begin! (And the REAL craziness!!)

Girls' Night

Last night we caught the late showing of "Twilight." After getting used to the characters and overlooking some of the cheesiness- it was really fun to watch. Can't wait for the next one!
Linds, Stephanie, Sini, Heather, Liz, Jen, Melissa, Charlotte, Lindsay, Naoma and Rachel

Last month we went to see a late showing of "The Secret Life of Bees." (It's a good one to see and read.) But it's pretty funny to do your usual night stuff like dinner, put the kids to bed and then skip out to a movie. I think I could get used to it. It is less guilt, but also less sleep... Thanks for braving the late hour girls! ;)

Monday, November 24, 2008


We experienced a great show from Coldplay on Saturday night. They were amazing. I was thinking that Chris Martin- the lead singer- probably has to eat non-stop during the day so he can jump around for two hours on stage every night. We had good seats that were up high, but right in the center so we could see perfectly. I was a little nervous because I hadn't been to a concert at the Energy Solutions Arena for a long time and everyone said the sound is so bad, but they sounded great! 

This is when they came right into the crowd for a couple of songs. They were right below and to the left of us. I would have died to have them that close. Those lucky fans.
That Chris Martin has such an amazing voice. Lucky Gwyneth Paltrow and her kiddies get to hear it all the time.

Tanner, Megs (Adam's sis) and Adam
Tanner and Megs
Me and my sweetie

My sister, Linds also came, but that pic didn't turn out. Okay- so it did of her, but I look as if I weigh 500 lbs in it!!! We also knew our friends Lindsay and Jeremy were going to be there, but didn't think we'd run into them. So before the concert started we look across the isle and on the same row- two seats away there they were!! So crazy! Such a  fun concert- if they ever come again it is way worth the money to go- they put on an AMAZING show!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Little Buggies

This post is to document what Elliott (Buggies) has been doing right now, as a five year old big boy. He's hilarious, smart, so so sweet and a little mischievous...a really great kid. 
He's into posing for pictures now, so he wants you to take 10, and each time he'll switch his pose. And he likes to show you his muscle usage by turning the couch on it's side and jumping on the back- nice.
He loves to draw. He draws or colors or writes words many times a day. This picture is of him drawing all different types of bugs, and animals and pumpkins- which are orange. He loves to put his favorites in frames, so we had to go to IKEA to buy cheap frames (that fit 8 1/2X11 paper perfectly), which are set on every table top surface in his room. He came with us to our Sunday School class today because he wasn't feeling primary, so he sat and wrote letters all in a row and then would say, "What word did I write Mommy? What does it say?" What does NNOEEDOTT spell anyway? And he has discovered the exclamation point, (I might have taught him this a little too soon, but I still remember learning about it (and the question mark) and wrote it in my very first journal after everything- it was so exciting!) Anyway, he now loves to put a huge exclamation point after a lot of words he writes too.
He is sooo silly and always wants to make us laugh. When he's excited, he makes little monkey sounds and jumps around like one. Ollie is starting to copy him in this, just like everything else. Two little monkeys. 

His favorite snack is a cheese-tomato sandwich. You get a slice of cheese, put a tomato or cucumber inside and fold the cheese over. He usually eats these while I am making lunch. I love these too. I'm not sure if I made them up or what- but two of my favorite foods are cheese and tomatoes...
I've said this before- Elliott is a little climber. I wouldn't say he's one of those boys with no fear at all, because he is very cautious with some things (one is on the swings, unless he's doing the pumping.) But with other things, including climbing and bike riding- he is pretty daring. 
He has always loved taking pictures with my camera. Sometimes they are self portraits like the one above. I was looking at the camera a few days later and laughed at this. My life flashed before my eyes and I saw him as a teenager with a little attitude. He seems so big in it. I just read a book called "Tending Roses" which really makes you look at how fast life passes you by.  I realized that this is the last year we will be able to hang out everyday, since he only goes to preschool twice a week and next year he'll go everyday to kindergarten. It makes me sad to think about. He's always been my little sidekick. 
Most family nights we have strawberry shakes with our lesson. We looked over and noticed Elliott sipping away at his like this. Whatever works. 

Some of his latest accomplishments are clipping his own nails, changing the toilet paper roll, climbing up to get Suki's wet cat food and putting it in a bowl, setting the table, pouring  his own milk, drawing and playing on the computer and becoming a master at scissors and glue. He is also becoming a very caring friend to the neighbor kids and a good big brother (most of the time.) We hear him trying to soothe Ollie if he's sad and will usually share his toys.

Here are some funny things Elliott has said recently:
-"Hot is sweat and cold is shiver."
-"Mommy- you're too big to play with them. You just want to scrapbook things."
-As he's flexing, "Look how strong I am Mommy! You can even see my bones!"
-"You've got to hurry before it's the next day!"
-"Eat healthy foods, not bad ones. Like we can't lick the road."
-"Why do you think everything Daddy buys is ugly?"
-Saying a prayer: "Thank you for the sun and the earth and for gravity, so it can keep us on the earth..."
-Found a lone key in the house and said, "Are these like the keys the big boys get at church when they can pass the sacrament?"

We love you Elliott! We are so proud of the boy you are and the big boy you are becoming!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

And the baby is...

It's a BOY!!
(I thought I'd ask her to make double sure it was a boy- but how can you deny this pic!!)
I never thought I would be the mom of THREE boys!! We were laughing so hard in the ultrasound room- we just can't believe it! The boys are excited too. Yippee! And of course he's measuring a week bigger than he's supposed to- another BIG boy! :)

P.S. My mom must have had her intuition! And I did go straight to the store to buy some boy things- suprisingly I left the girl things there...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Friend Mikey

Elliott, holding some cars he wanted to wrap up (?????) Mikey the doll, and Ollie, who just woke up from his nap.
This story isn't about my little brother, whom I also call Mikey. This is about a doll I got when I was little- "My Friend Mikey." I don't remember asking for this doll... My sister Linds either had one from the same makers, or got it at the same time as me. Hers was "My Friend Mandy." She was the cutest doll- all dressed up in a cheerleading outfit with long, blonde hair that you could brush and play with. And I got Mikey. Some say he still looks new, and I just think- there wasn't much hair to ruin, or makeup to apply or clothes to change and lose... so he's in great shape. 

I do remember asking for a cabbage patch kid when I was little. Everyone had one or was getting one soon. I asked for one for Christmas. Imagine my surprise when I got not one, but two (twin) cabbage patch dolls!! Again, they were boy twins, named Robert and Barry. Great names for dolls I think. I was excited, and they were dressed really cute in little overall shorts (bright orange) and matching orange bow ties. But my sister Linds, again, got (or had??) a cute girl cabbage patch doll named Roberta. She had long pig tails to play with and braid... 

I never realized this until a few years ago, that I always got the boy dolls. Who wants to play with the boy doll? All I can think is that my Mom knew my sister had the girl dolls, and who needs a bunch of girl dolls in one house, for two little girls less than two years apart? Why not mix it up a little? So that's what I always thought. But now I think my Mom was on to something. I have two boys now, and baby #3 is on the way. I will be 20 weeks next week and get to find out what it is on Monday. I won't be surprised (and I won't mind) if it is a boy. I always look at moms with lots of boys and they are always so cute. Plus my boys have always been so lovey and sweet. I LOVE having boys so much!! But I would love a girl too. Maybe that's why I want twins so much too (I know... CRAZY!) - thanks to Robert and Barry. I think Adam and I will both start crying in the ultrasound room because he wants a girl and I want twins, and it's like we both know that it's probably one little boy kicking around in there. It's all we know really. We'll keep you posted. But if it is a girl, I'm going straight to the store to buy something cute, pink and frilly. And if it's a boy, I might do the same, and give it to the nearest newborn girl I know! :)

P.S. I still have the twin dolls, but they are in a box in my garage and I didn't feel like climbing up into the shelves to dig them out for a picture. Oh yeah- this may be a hint to moms to think twice about giving their girls boy dolls. One Ken to twenty Barbies is a different story...

Election Day

Go Vote. Just do it!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween '08

Halloween was so much fun this year. My boys really enjoyed the whole month, from decorations, to parties and pumpkins and candy. I think we are fans! Although, as much as I love holidays- it's always good to clean up and move on... 

This year the boys chose their costumes when we saw them at the store, since they were a little undecided. (The pics loaded out of order- what's up with blogger?)
Ollie was a knight, and wanted to be just like Elliott who was a Roman Soldier. Every time someone would ask what he was going to be, he would say "Darth Vader" even after we got his costume. (Thanks Tagen!)
Ready for trick-or-treating. It was so warm outside! The boys were fine with just their long sleeved shirts. It rained the whole time we were out, but it was more like a drizzle so it didn't even bother us.
Ollie's hat had the funniest mesh piece hanging down. It looked so much like a mullet- we just laughed! He would only wear his hat for pictures though- then it was off!

Again- a little out of order. Anyway- this is after everyone had left and the boys were SO hyper- so Adam wore them out a little by wrestling. It's one of their favorite things to do with Daddy.
Aunt Megs and Ollie. He had candy in his mouth non-stop until we brushed his teeth that night. It's funny to not put too much of a limit on how much they eat for this one night!! Ollie also ended up with more than Elliott because every time someone would let him choose from the bowl, of course he would take a handful!!
Grammy and Grandpa Swalberg have been coming to see the boys and man the doors for the last couple of Halloweens. It's always so fun to share the night with them.
Elliott's loot.
From earlier in the week: On the way to preschool. Noah is spiderman.
This is right before our ward party the week before. 
I dressed like a queen, since my boys were both knights. It was fun dressing up for once. I'm sure I'll just wear this every year now!
Adam as "The Bunny." People either laughed, or were freaked out a little by the mask...

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