Thursday, June 23, 2011


Our first stop was Vaalimaa, where my mom grew up. Although, my Uncle Seppo has added on and revamped the house like crazy- it's a lot bigger now. I love this house and it's winding staircases. First things first- a little snack and juice and then a nap. It was so hard waking up!

Ollie and Adam shared the bed on the right and I shared with Elliott and Ollie. Seppo, Maarit, Essi and Jaakko were so kind to make a spot for us in their house! 
Will looks like a Finnish baby and had lots of Finnish ladies talk to him- what a heartthrob. 
the bottom of Seppo's yard
My Mom, Linc, Seppo, Ari, Ollie & Adam checking out the pond.

We loved discovering the yard and all the stuff. I want to call it a farm, but there are no farm animals. Just an apple orchard, a forest and a few sheds and garages. There's a stream and pond too.

Since my grandpa lived here when he was a young married guy (and built it I think?), there are lots of old things. Uncle Seppo has started his own little museum for the coolest relics...
An old sled my mom rode.
The moped my grandma rode to herd the cows... what I wouldn't give for a picture!
Some old thingamajig dated from 1783

 My grandpa's cross country skis. He was super fast on them and even beat an olympian in a race once!

Satu and Jaakko

Aunt Maarit, Essi and Aunt Marketta showing their aprons, plates and towels Linds and I brought them.

I was there too! (Tired, but there.)
Linc discovering the old guest house.

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Mama Swalz said...

Awesome pics Sini! I can see why you wanted to stay longer! What a beautiful place!!

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