Monday, February 3, 2014

little cottonwood

One day in October for family night we packed a picnic and drove to Little Cottonwood Canyon to see the fall colors. They were glorious! Aaaand we got a little lost looking for an easy trail that wasn't so easy to find. But we parked by some other cars and climbed right by these HUGE granite slabs on the mountain. I thought I saw some garage doors going straight into the mountain, so Adam was looking up what they were in these pictures. It turns out they are used by the LDS church as a family history archive, called the Granite Mountain Records Vault. Here's an article where you can see a few pictures of what's inside. Crazy.
We hiked around and then found a flat-ish spot for a picnic dinner. I didn't take pictures of that because it was getting dark and we were eating as fast as we could. It was a beautiful drive, view and hike in the  amazing fall foliage!

My little Franky boy!

Franky's face!

The boys discovering the mountain.
Linc on the trail.

The granite rocks were a very cool sight to see- from tiny boulders to enormous slabs shooting straight up!

Here are some instagram photos...

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