Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lincoln's year

Ready to swim at the condo.
Lincoln is a funny guy. How can I even describe what a cool little person he is with my limited vocabulary? He is the sweetest, cutest little guy you've ever seen. He is very determined, a little unpredictable and very physical, so for instance, I'll be hugging him or telling him how much I love him and he'll blow a raspberry in my face- (read: spit!) Whaaat?  It's almost like he can't help it- like he feels the love, and doesn't know how to deal with it except to be silly. He has really been working on being gentle with Franky and now that Franky is older- he likes Lincoln more every day. He is always telling me, "Love you mom!" as he's leaving to play with friends or walking out of a room. He tries really hard to be good. He plays so well with friends, and he loves to tag along with whatever Elliott and Ollie are doing.

Linc runs errands with me all the time, even though I know it's not his favorite thing. He is always asking to play with a friend or cousin, or play the wii. He has really started drawing cute things this year, and coloring really well. He is learning to write and always wants to spell things. Usually when he writes his name, he likes to write To Lincoln. And he likes to write mom and dad and draw hearts too. He will sing me songs from primary every once in a while.

He loves to play with Legos. He is always asking Ollie to jump on the tramp, to play/imagine Transformers or Lego Movie games with him. They play so good together, Linc always calls Ollie his best friend. He also wants to play with Ollie's friends, even if Ollie doesn't. He says the cutest prayers and always says "Thanks for my best friend Ollie"and says thanks for all his brothers and asks to help them not fight. 

He loves to put Franky's binky in, even if he's just playing and doesn't need it. And loves to give him his blanket. He is his little protector during the day while everyone else is at school. 

He can always be found shirtless because if he feels even a tiny bit hot, he will take it off. Even in the middle of the winter. He is also very into shorts, since we had a few warm Spring days, so now he thinks wearing them every day is great, even if it's snowing. He has been known to sleep without pajamas at night. 

Our little Linc will go places in his life! He is a fun, funny, exciting boy and we love him so much! I had so much fun sorting through Linc's pictures from the last year. Maybe if I just do this at least once  a year, I'll have my scrapbooking taken care of. (This post probably has more pictures than my whole childhood scrapbook... haha.) (Below- snowshoeing at Silver Lake.)

At LegoLand with his favorite Han Solo.
Snuggling with Franky during story time. 

Snuggle bug.
At Sea World.
Ice Castles in Midway.

There's my silly kid!
Linc helped me check our tiny garden most days and got to pick everything.
Hidden Falls, showing me an icicle.
Mission Beach, San Diego.

Backyard water fun.

With Cousin Addie
At the sidewalk chalk festival

Trying to be just like big brother.
With his preschool class on a fieldtrip.
With Cousin Will and a giant pumpkin! 

Cinnamon roll sunrise on the hill.

Loves doing flips and tricks on the trampoline.

With some of the cousins on Christmas Eve!
With Baby Grayson
Two cute twinsies. 
Sometimes he asks for a fauxhawk like Ollie's.

With friends, Ryan and Tristan

Cookie helper- although, he hasn't wanted to help bake for a while now. 
Found a snake at the condo.
Hiking the back of Timp (to the first waterfall), collecting rocks in his pockets. 
Brother buddies. 
Crazy ninja trampoline man!
Little Cottonwood
Daddy's shoes

First day of 4-year-old preschool.
He loooooves to help/hold/play with Franky. He is getting better/gentler everyday.
With Franky and cousin Gabby.
Rough and tumble with one of his favorite friends- Ryan. 

In Grandma Leena's backyard. 
Swimming in Las Vegas.

With Baby Cousin Kate in Las Vegas. 
Halloween 2013- pirate captain.

Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows in AF Canyon. 

 Meatball eyeballs from our neighbor Kristin for Halloween.
 At Mission Beach in San Diego, CA.
 At Laguna Beach. 
Christmas 2013

San Diego Zoo sky tram. 
Playing the wii.

Always telling me about numbers and letters.
Petting the Bat Rays at Sea World. 
Mormon Battalion- San Diego

Wrestling Sundays! 

Loves to color and draw. 

Preschool fun.

Ipad and crepe leftovers on his face- must be Sunday night!

Spends his days playing with Franky while the big boys are at school. 

It is amazing to see him so still and peaceful! 
Errands with mom.
 Snowshoeing in the mountains- but he just uses his boots. 
 Playing in the dark after a storm.

After Kenzie painted his face. 
Christmas 2013 
Favorite lunch requests- cheese melted on bread, with tomatoes and cucumbers.
And he loves eating cucumbers cut up with olive oil, vinegar and bits of string cheese. 
Winter hiking at Hidden Falls in Big Cottonwood. 
Church before Christmas 2013
At the Great Salt Lake checking out the Spiral Jetty, showing us where he sunk in mud. 

St. Patrick's Day 2014 
Always with a bruise or scrape- rough and tumble boy!

Twinsies after church. 
Cute brothers after church.
(Franky is eating string cheese and it looks like teeth- haha!) 
With Grandpa Steve, Grammy and Grandma.
Farmer Lincoln harvesting our veggies. 


Tisha and Mark said...

Lucky boys to have all these pictures! That pic of Adam and the kids @ sunrise...makes me wish for summer jammies and shoeless piggies. We need to get together again, it's been too long.

Jessica said...

I love this post. You are so good at record keeping.

Mama Swalz said...

Such great pics Sini! and the memories that go with them!

Elena said...

I kind of have a strange little crush on your family. You have so much fun together and everyone is so cute. Happy for those boys to have such a sweet mommy.

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