Friday, October 10, 2014

Franky- 20 months

My little Franky boat!
He is THE sweetest little guy! 
I wish I could freeze him at 20 months.
I know I say that every age.
He follows me everywhere I go.
He mimics us in speech and in actions.
He is so mild-mannered and just goes with the flow.
He can say SO many words. 
I wrote them down at 18 months:
Two, Fee (two, three)
Ba (ball)
Buh (binky)
Ah-Yee (Ollie, calls all his brothers this.)
Nana (banana- calls all fruit this)
Mo (more)
Up up up! (watching the garage go up or down.)
Key nuh, key nuh! (clean up song, anytime anyone spills)

Dog sound (panting)
Kitty sound (high pitched "meow")
Car sounds and "Choo Choo"
Sings "Ee ei oh" during Old McDonald
Sings "Up, up, up" during Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
(He signed all done or some more/want some until he started talking so much!)

And every day he seems to pick up a new word. I even asked him to say "Ni Hao" once and he did!

Oh- he also says, "Tane-tyoo" (thank-you) for every snack I give him which melts my heart every time.

If we ask him if it's time for bed he'll say, "No!" which is really cute too.
(I know it won't always be.)

But the best part of him talking is his little baby voice that is oh so raspy. 
And that he is so happy and smiley and proud of himself that he can communicate!

He loves to be in possession of his blankey and binky non-stop, unless I put it out of sight.

He loves to get his own diapers and lay down on his own with no help. He is so proud!

Sometimes he loves to go to bed and I leave the room while he's laughing in his crib from saying good night to his animal pictures while he closes his eyes and pretends to sleep.
But mostly he'll protest it for a minute and then go right to sleep.

He wakes up in the morning and chats and sings to himself for a while. It is a happy time for him and for me. I know his brain is growing and thinking without all the stimulation from his big world outside of his room. 

He is a dream to take to the grocery store for the past little while, even though he went through a cart-hating phase. Now he babbles and smiles and says "hi" to everyone we pass. 

Every once in a while, Adam and I find ourselves alone with Franky running errands and we just admire him the whole time.

His favorite things to play:
In his play kitchen and we eat all the food up.
He loves scoops (backhoes, tractors etc.) and always gets so excited if we drive by one and says, "scoop it up, and dump it out" in his baby words.
He also loves to see motorcycles, trains, buses, cows and horses when we are out.
He loves to push his tiny trike/bike around, not ride it so much yet.
He loves to pretend mow the lawn AND the street, which we're working on.
He loves picking tomatoes and eating them off the vine.
He goes down huge slides all by himself.
Loves to swing.
He is starting to wrestle us and laughs the whole time.
Is so sweet and gentle with our cat, Suki.
Likes to color for a few seconds.
Doesn't love movies or shows at all.
He is a good eater, but mostly loves snacks and drinks of water from any cup that he sees, all. day. long.
He is happy outside and loves to go on walks in the stroller.

Every once in a while, he will give us a hug if we ask.

We are definitely in love with this teeny little boy, who thinks he is as big as his brothers.

Elliott is so good to Franky and has even started to babysit him for short times. 

Drinking cherry tomatoes from the bowl. 

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Christine said...

So cute! Its kind of bittersweet watching them grow up. You miss how they were but love how they are now.

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