Friday, May 29, 2015

hope of america with elliott

Elliott was finally old enough to be in the "Hope of America" concert with 5th grades from all over the valley. It was fantastic. I cried during every song I'm pretty sure. Patriotism at it's finest! They sing all sorts of patriotic songs and tributes to veterans and service people. It is cool, and I hope they remember the songs forever. 

This is UVU's green man group drumming before it started and between songs. Some of the extra entertainment was better than others... 

Elliott's class sat in the very top right above the flag in the nosebleed section. He ended up not feeling very good right before it started and even went to throw up in the bathroom, but didn't. He ended up on the aisle by some kid from a different school, instead of by his friends and it's like a three hour deal. I felt bad for him. I didn't know any of this until it was over, but could see he wasn't sitting by Austin and Hayden anymore. Bummer. His teacher sat in the seat above him to keep an eye on him though. I'm glad she was there. 

We were glad Grammy and Grandpa could come too! And thankful that Linds could watch Linc and Franky so we could actually enjoy it. :)

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