Friday, May 29, 2015

sunday picnic in the mountains

We had such a mild winter. I think it only snowed like three times. With the mild temps and the time change, I always feel this need to go on a family picnic. We are not loving our late church schedule, especially with a napper, but we rushed out after church one day to American Fork Canyon. We have loved having a pass this year and have explored in it a lot. We feel lucky to have such beauty close by!

I can't remember if it was Adam or me that started pushing to take day trips to the mountains... I think I started planning them, since Adam was so busy with work, but he was always game to go. I remember thinking we needed to do something else besides movies (which we still love to see movies in the theater.) Now it doesn't even matter who's idea it was, we both love it so much, and both make plans to be outside. It is good for our souls and we feel so rejuvenated after a visit. The boys feel rejuvenated too, they just don't know it. :) They have started complaining when we suggest going-- they'd rather stay home and play with friends-- but always end up loving it. On the way home, Linc always asks to play with a friend. 

Ollie is turning into all limbs. It is fun to see!
Franky just walks around like he owns the place. We always have to stay right with him, or he would walk off a cliff or right into the river. Typical 2-year-old I guess. He loves throwing rocks in the river of course. 

Lincoln chats and asks questions during our visits out. He is a happy little 6-year-old.
Elliott is the adventure and is always climbing to some new height or discovering cool spots. He gets pretty quiet in the mountains, and I think it's good for him to have a little space from his brothers for a bit.
Ollie has a great throw in our throwing contests. 
Franky boy!

Picnic on a log. 

Some of our treasures...

Franky was yelling to us from the other side of the river.

We soaked in the beauty until someone had to go to the bathroom... that's usually how our trips end. :)

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