Tuesday, October 30, 2012

halloween week

 Halloween is underway at our house!
The boys got to dress up for the first time on Saturday to show Grandma their costumes.
Gone are the days when they were cutesy... 
Elliott begged and begged for this scary beast with no face and glowing eyes.
And pretty sure Ollie chose this costume to go along with the sword backpack he found before the costume...
We ran out of time to find what Linc wanted to be, which was fine because he was happy to choose from the whole box of boy costumes we have already.
Ollie wore the knight costume that Linc is wearing when he was two, so it's a little snug on Linc at 3 & 1/2. He loves it though.
 Linc and his favorite small kitty, Vega.
He can actually hold her, unlike our giant cat!

 Cousin Benny showed up in almost the same outfit as Elliott!
They are best friends, so it makes sense I guess.
Funny to see two faceless phantoms shooting the breeze.

 Cousin Will as Buzz Lightyear.
Elliott wore this costume years ago!

 Some of the cousins- Elli, Elliott, Benny, Ollie, Trevan, Addie, Linc, Will.

 Our scary little boys!
 Lindsey's fam
 Jackie and Trevan
 We carved pumpkins on Monday night.
 Elliott carved a dragon and did it all by himself!
It was so nice to not have to do it for him.
He was a little disappointed thinking it didn't look right- but it looks great lit up at night.

Happy Halloween!


Tisha and Mark said...

A whole lot of manly costumes! Ok, so you should totally blog about all the amazing things you saw/ate while trick or treating- the minions, churros, scones...seriously!?!? We are coming trick or treating with you next year! :)

Anonymous said...

Cool costumes, boys!! :)
It looks like you had fun.

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