Friday, November 2, 2012

halloween night

The night before Halloween the boys and I got everything ready- bowls and backup bowls of candy ready. Porch, decorated with giant spiders and webs, scary music, fog machine and pumpkins lit.
Halloween morning was the parade at the elementary school and the boys got to dress up.
They couldn't wear masks so I tried painting Ollie's skeleton face and he made me wash it off five minutes later saying it looked like a "silly clown face."
I am not a good makeup artist!
I got to help in Ollie's class party and then checked the boys out for the last hour.
We had soup and popover rolls for dinner.
We missed Grammy and Grandpa this year who were visiting Grammy's sick sister in the hospital.
The boys liked our scary yard this year, but still wished it were scarier...
It looked cooler at night with the fog machine and strobe lights!
Our family on Halloween. 
Crazy that there will be another little trick-or-treater in our family next year!
Linc's face!

Ready to go!
All day (really all week) Linc was asking when it was time and kept saying,
"I'm so bored waiting for Halloween!"

Our neighborhood was great for trick-or-treating and full of surprises!
The Cochrans gave out freshly-made, warm donuts!
The Leonards gave out half churros!

My cute next-door neighbor, Kristin painted all these little minion pumpkins for her porch.
I saw lots of other people taking pictures of her cute porch too.
I made her stay out for the pic :)

The Barnes' gave out little cans of soda!
After every house, Linc would find me and wave his little treat saying, "I got one of THESE!!!!"
Glowing-eyed cousins and friends-
Elliott, Shawn, Dawson, Ollie, Benny, Addie, Linc & Will
We met up with my sister Linds and her kids (minus Elli who was out with her friends.)
It was so much fun and we were wondering why we've never done it before!
We are on opposite sides of our neighborhood, but know lots of the same people.
My camera phone wasn't working at night- I was sad I didn't bring another camera.

This was at the scariest house in our neighborhood. 
We stayed for a few minutes just looking at everything, even though we had driven by on the way home from school to see everything in the day too. So fun!

This house had a whole setup in their garage making hot scones with honeybutter!
We waited in line for about 10 minutes for them.
They always do this pumpkin display with different sayings and had a cool laser show on their driveway. People are awesome!

We took Lincoln home and I kept going with the big boys who were determined to go to every house around us. We stayed out for almost three hours, but by 8:30 were the only ones out and everyone was out of candy so we went home. These guys were so tired and kept complaining their legs hurt, but never wanted to go home when I offered. Funny boys.
Ollie, Dawson, Shawn, Elliott, Benny

Our porch at night.
Here is Linc when I dropped him off, you can see he is worn out.
He didn't eat any candy while we were out and Adam said he tried to eat a sucker before he went to sleep but was just too tired! 
(He has made up for the lack of candy-eating in the days since!)
Ollie's loot

Elliott's pile

And the boys were nice and let me pick a few things from their piles!
I guess I love peanut butter?? 

Happy Halloween!

P.S. The boys are already talking about their costumes for next year...


Lindz said...

Your front porch looks so cute!!!
Donuts, churros, soda, scones with honey butter.....yum!!! Wish we were there to trick or treat in your neighborhood!!
You're such a fun mom to stay out for 3 hours with your boys!! :)
Can't wait to see your 4th trick or treater next year!!

B and Jessica said...

Haha! I love the face paint story. Silly clown funny! Your neighborhood is awesome for trick-or-treating, all their decorations are fun.

Amy said...

How fun! Wish we were still in the neighborhood. =) Your kids are adorable!...and getting so big!

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