Sunday, May 12, 2013

Franky at 3 months

Franky turned 3 months old yesterday.
He is so much fun!
He is starting to talk and use his voice a lot now.
He loves watching people talk and will smile at you if he isn't tired.
Starting to switch to a new schedule, but still eats pretty much every 2-3 hours.
He is sleeping better these days- mostly wakes up once a night, 
but last night he slept from 10-6 AM... Happy Mother's Day to me!
He loves watching his brothers entertain him.
Loves sucking on his fingers.
Starting to try to grab things.
When he gets excited looking at his toys he'll wiggle his arms and legs like crazy- so cute.
Still loves to eat and has started putting his hand straight up and grabs my hair or shirt or necklace while he nurses. I love it.
Loves to blow spit bubbles if you talk to him.
Has THE loudest bowel movements! 
Today it was during a prayer in church and all the ladies around me were laughing.
He went through 5 diapers at church!
His eyes are still very much blue like mine and Ollie's and we think they will stay.
He loves to be held out and watch the world around him.
He is our cute little ball of sunshine and we love him so much!

Elliott-  putting a halo above his head.


L&B Armsworthy said...

Such a cutie! Love the 3 month mark, probably one of my favorite stages!

B and Jessica said...

Blue eyes, hooray! Now your family has equal brown and blue eyes. That's neat.

walkerbunch said...

Love his big smile. You and Adam have cute kids!

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