Tuesday, May 14, 2013

tulip festival

We love going to the tulip festival every year- the flowers and gardens are amazing!
This year we went while my brother Ari was in town.
He happened to spend two years in the Netherlands on his mission and told of whole fields of tulips there.
Adam met us there after work and we realized he has never been to the tulip festival- or the gardens!
(He did run a half marathon through the gardens once, 
but has never taken his time taking in the beauty.)
We have had a pass to Thanksgiving Point for like five years.
Oops- I guess I have always gone with other people.
The boys had fun running around and rolling down hills.
And Ollie had fun finding all the different types of flowers for tulip bingo with Ari.

Tagen, Baby Finnley, Ari, Linds, Elli, Ben, Will, Ollie, Elliott

 Franky had fun being outside.
I love when my babies are big enough and ready to play 
outside at the same time the weather warms up.
(Thanks Tagen for letting us borrow Finnley's hat.)

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Tisha and Mark said...

You look great, Sini! And that baby Franky makes me want another.

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