Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ollie's baptism

We are so proud of Ollie and his decision to be baptized! He was a little worried about his thumb with 7 stitches in it, if it would be alright in the water, and also how he would plug his nose without putting pressure on his thumb. He hurt it with a pocket knife while we were hiking in St. George, and in the end, decided to plug his nose with his fingers extended. :) Other than that, he was sure of his decision and counted down the days. On the day he was supposed to get baptized, the day after his birthday, we went to a military retirement for my sister, Michelle, so he waited until the next month. So April 12th, he was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! It turned out great, because he was baptized on the same day as his best buddy, Dawson. 

Silly and excited!

Dave, Dawson, Ollie and Adam
Dawson and Ollie best buds and 1 week apart in age!
We were so glad for our family that came! 
Priesthood holders who helped confirm Ollie: Grandpa Steve Swalberg and his uncles- Scott Lamb, (Dad)Adam Swalberg, Brian VanBallegooie, Cody Hughes and Eric McEntire. So many great guys to look up to!
Linc wanted to be in this too. I feel lucky my boys can have great examples in their lives! 
Ollie and Grandma Leena
 We came home to have Cafe Rio Salads and quesadillas.
 We realized these three all had stitches/cast on their hands at the same time! 

 Sad faces- so funny.
 With Grammy and Grandpa.
 Fun cousins! Ollie, Kenzie, Collin, Benny and Elliott

Gabby and Will
 Franky boy.

 He loves his blanket and binky so much!
 A friendly game of speed- the card game I played as a kid and just taught the boys.
 We had a great day!

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Jessica said...

He's so handsome! I think I decided Scarlett has the same color of eyes as you and Ollie. A super super light bluish green. Now that I think of it, Scarlett looks more like you than me!!! Lucky her.

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