Monday, May 12, 2014


12 weeks at girls camp
I've always wanted a progression of pregnant pictures- I really don't know why. I realize this doesn't interest anyone except myself... even Adam was mostly bored with the idea. When Franky started to grow I asked Adam to snap my picture a few times. It only took me a year to finally put it up. I was feeling all nostalgic on the eve of Mother's Day, and let's be honest- I had a caffeinated drink for dinner, so I was up way past everyone in my family. And the post was born- haha. Above was when I was 12 weeks pregnant at girls camp. I decided to tell everyone, including my camp friends right before so they could know if I was acting strange. Turns out, the only thing strange that week was the worst cold ever, where I lost my voice and even drove down the mountain to the instacare, but couldn't take anything because I was pregnant. It was interesting whisper yelling into a microphone for a devotional one morning for the whole stake. And giving a photography class too- I had a couple assistants who helped yell my whispers to them so the group could hear. Anyway- Franky's pregnancy was great- hardly sick, just tired at first. I am lucky to not be sick the whole time like a few of my friends.

Some of these I don't remember the dates/ weeks, but all the pictures go in order. 
I remember some of the important dates like Christmas by looking on a pregnancy wheel.  

If you're going to do this- do it as you grow so you won't forget.
My first baby bump photo- 15 weeks.
How old the boys were- so cute and little.
20 weeks! Baby boy on the way!
23 weeks
23 weeks in London
25 weeks

Park City and Midway with friends- 28 weeks.
30 weeks

31 weeks
Christmas Eve with Megs- 32 weeks! (Megs 33 weeks.)
Remote control shelf. 
Still 32 weeks for Meg's shower. 
33 weeks- snowshoeing. 

Lopsided baby! 34 weeks.
At Disneyland I turned 36 weeks. It felt good to move, move, move all day, but I got soo tired. We had a few early nights this trip, putting the boys and me to bed! I think the boys had a fun trip because I was slow and we could all relax instead of running from ride to ride. I was scared they wouldn't let me fly because I was getting huge. But all was well. It was fun to think in three weeks, our baby Franky would be here! And I loved staying super busy on this trip- something to keep my mind off the waiting.

37 weeks
38 weeks
38 weeks.

38.5 weeks
39 weeks and the night before delivery. I went to church the whole three hours even though I threatened not to, and then remember feeling guilty for not making a meeting that night. #sorrynotsorry
39 weeks
I loved the relaxed morning of delivery day. We sent the boys to school and then went to the hospital at 11:00... after stopping at Target for treats, magazines etc. I was definitely large and in charge and ready to go! 
Just before delivery- February 11th, 2013. 
Since my first big baby, (Elliott at 9.6)) I decided to have all of my babies at 39 weeks if the doctor ok's it. I'm always glad I do, since they've all been almost 10 lbs. 
And of course I would post the reward of the cutest little Franky minutes after delivery. 

He was chunky and purple and perfect!
I'm so glad I have these two little pictures of my new little Franky curled up outside my belly too. 

And here's my sweetheart at 14 months- just before I made this post. 

This was a fun one to put together. I don't love being pregnant like some people, but I don't hate it either. I DO love feeling that baby kick and the anticipation of a little baby. Love you Franky boy!


Tisha and Mark said...

You are too cute, Sini. I haven't been as faithful with this pregnancy and kind of slacked on taking pictures MOST months. I loved this idea and you make pregnancy look good!

Elena said...

Loved this one. But I was kind of hoping for an announcement at the end of the b=post. ;) You were a cute preggers lady.

Elena said...
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Clayton & Kayley Anderson said...

You make the cutest pregnant lady, Sinika. You are such a fum mom!

Jessica said...

I loved this post. You are such a cute mommy.

Lindz said...

What a fun post!! Love it!! You're such a cute pregnant lady!! :)

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