Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mount Timpanogos

Ari came into town and Mount Timpanogos was on his list. I was lucky enough to be able to go- thanks to my mom watching my kids for the day. It really took us all day. We met at the trailhead at 7:00 AM and started pretty quick. It was fun hanging out with my sister and brother all day long! This was my third time doing the hike, the other two were before I got married and had kids. It was INTENSE-- at some points I leaned in toward the mountain as we walked because I thought if I stumbled, I would fall off a cliff! It was beyond beautiful though- one of the most beautiful spots that I've ever been. These little iPhone pictures don't do it justice, but I caught a little glimpse. Can't wait to get up there again, and take the boys when they are a little older. (Elliott might have been able to do this one, but maybe next year.)

We crossed this waterfall a few times as it stumbled down the mountain, leaving green wherever it went. It looked like master gardeners had planted all the flowers and trees around it just right- really pretty.

I'm leaning against a tree with a cliff behind me. 

The path went from asphalt and dirt, to rocks-- giant boulders, smaller rocks, snow and everything in between. 

The wildflowers were SPECTACULAR! Every color and every shape. That was my favorite part. 

We climbed under this glacier/snow patch to see the water running underneath it. 
Can you see the dead drop-off? Top of the waterfall.

I couldn't stop with the wildflower pics. Gorgeous!
We made it up to Emerald Lake, which was also a hotspot for mountain goats!
Lots of mommas with their babies.

Mountain goats cooling off on the glacier.

The colors!!

Linds and Ari are little tiny specs on this massive mountain cliff. 

Linds, taking a one minute power nap.

We decided to give our feet a break and walk across the slippery snow instead of the bumpy rocks.

We finally made it up to the saddle and the view of Utah County and Utah Lake. 

Go Linds! Intense rock climbing right here.

These funny goats would just climb to the top of the highest rock and balance on their strong little hooves. 

More goats in the background. We watched this little family step steadily past us on the rocks and onto the side of a sheer cliff. Amazing. 

Just jumping down the mountain. 

Emerald Lake from above, Deer Creek in the distance and some of the trails we came up on. 
 Linds, at the tippy top of Mount Timpanogos!!

 Such a thrilling experience, being at the top of the mountain!

 I was thankful for the guy up there who took pictures for us. He also left like ten selfies on my phone. His wife was utterly embarrassed as I saw in the pictures later. 

 Ari started walking on the top ridge for a second, it scared me so we didn't follow and found a lower trail instead. Ari ended up taking the lower trail too. 

 Instead of turning around at the top, we kept going around the ridge so we could slide down the glacier and cut down on some hiking time. The snow had melted at the top, so we had to slide down loose rocks first. It was HARD, until we found this crevasse and Ari figured out you just walk in place and the rocks move for/with you. I was glad I had gloves for this part or our hands would be hurting!
 Ari and Linds had just slid down on their bums in the snow. It froze us instantly. Good thing we brought gloves for this too. I'm standing half way down the snow for both of these pics. 

 Where we just came from!

 The snow took us right back to Emerald Lake and the Mountain Goats.

 Clear water!
 It took us about 12 hours with all our breaks. I was so tired when I got home, I put the kids to bed and went right to sleep. 
 The tiredness came out in these pictures- ha! 
(Also a little chafing, blisters, stomach issues, sunburns and sore legs.) 

Can't wait to go next year!
Thanks for a fun day Linds and Ari!


Christine Rowley said...

Beautiful pictures! I haven't hiked it since right before I got married. This makes me wanna hike it again--sort of. It's a long hike!

Knudson Family said...

gorgeous. I hiked timp once when Sam was a baby. I didn't enjoy it very much....I'm sure I would enjoy it so much more now.

walkerbunch said...

Beautiful pictures. I'd like to hike it again too. It's been 15 years!

Jessica said...

So pretty! And I love your hiking outfit.

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